Best Shower Curtain

Best Shower Curtain

Basically, a shower curtain separates the shower area from the rest of the bathroom. It also protects the other areas of the bathroom from water splashes. Shower curtains come in a wide range of colors and designs, suited to your liking.

Most shower curtains are made from vinyl and have a familiar scent. However, recent studies have shown that vinyl shower curtains contain toxic compounds – among them the substance responsible for the familiar chemical smell. Fortunately, there are shower curtains on the market made from different materials – sans the harmful chemicals.

Gypsy Ruffled Shower Curtain


Bring understated elegance to your bathroom with this ruffled cream-colored shower curtain. Its gypsy ruffles can provide a modern elegance to any bathroom.

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Fresh color: The cream color gives fresh look to the bathroom. It gives a faint, low-key color without being too stark.

Modern design: Gypsy ruffled design gives a boho-chic vibe. It easily matches exiting bathroom design, whether it’s done in classic, modern or avant-garde décor.

Excellent quality: The fabric used is 100% polyester that you can constantly expose to water and steam without worrying about deterioration.

Easy care: The 100% polyester material is easy to clean. Machine-wash without any bleach, with warm water and on gentle cycle. Can use warm iron on fabric.

Sheer, light fabric: A cloth or vinyl liner would have to be used behind this shower curtain for better coverage.

Wrinkled from the package: When you open the package, the shower curtain comes out wrinkled. These will eventually smoothen out once you hang the curtains.

This curtain is ideal for creating a modern look to the bathroom with touches of classic elegance. It easily blends with existing bathroom fixtures and décor.

  • Fresh cream color
  • Modern design
  • Excellent fabric quality
  • Elegant look
  • Fabric light and sheer
  • Curtain comes out wrinkled from the package

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Geometric Patterned Shower Curtain


Spruce up your bathroom by hanging this geometric-printed shower curtain. There is no need to worry about the pattern clashing with your existing bathroom design because this one will fit easily.

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Reinforced buttonholes: The 12 buttonholes are reinforced for greater durability. This is necessary for holding up the weighted hem better.

Weighted hem: The hem of this shower curtain has sewn in weights, preventing it from flapping around and getting in the way.

Polyester material: This is made with 100% polyester material, which is ideal because it dries quicker than most other types of fabric.

Easy maintenance: This shower curtain is easy to maintain and clean. It is safe to toss and wash in a regular washing machine.

Liner recommended: It is advisable to use a liner behind the shower curtain to improve coverage.

Pattern printed only on one side: The geometric prints are only on the side. Hanging this will require some consideration in which side the print will face.

This shower curtain’s geometric patterns can easily blend with most existing bathroom designs. Its color is not too overwhelming yet gives a good contrast for the eyes.

  • Buttonholes reinforced for greater durability
  • Weighted hem
  • 100% polyester
  • Easy care
  • Liner still recommended for improved coverage
  • Pattern printed only on one side

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Kikkerland Shower Curtain, Polyester, Birch


Make shower time more interesting by using this birch wood-printed shower curtain. It provides an outdoor feel to your bathroom without ruining the rest of the décor.

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Imported polyester material: Made with 100% polyester, measuring 72 inches by 72 inches, it is capable of holding up to repeated exposure to moisture.

Bring outdoorsy feel to the bathroom: Feel as if taking a bath outdoors behind a grove of beautiful birch tree with this almost-real birch wood design.

Interesting color contrast: The black and white contrast gives a new dimension not just to the shower but also to the entire bathroom.

Not just a shower curtain: The interesting design makes it more than just a shower curtain. You can hang it in any room or wall, making it part of the entire home décor.

Pattern looks grainy up close: The birch wood design may look grainy when viewed up close.

Peculiar smell right from package: When opened, the shower curtain has this unpleasant smell. This will eventually go away after a few days.

This fun birch wood-designed shower curtain looks great in the bathroom. The design is unconventional, making it even more interesting for any household owners to use.

  • Polyester material
  • Gives more dimension to overall bathroom look.
  • More than just a shower curtain
  • Bring outdoorsy feel to the bathroom
  • Pattern looks grainy
  • Smelly right from the package

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Ikea Tvingen Shower Curtain


Ditch plain, boring, plastic shower curtains. This one from Ikea comes in a fun design to spice up your bathroom.

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Good fabric material: This shower curtain is made of densely woven polyester. This is coated with water-repellent substance to hold up to repeated moisture exposure.

Weighted hem: Elastic is sewn into the curtain’s bottom edge. This adds a slight weight so that the curtain hangs straight.

Easy to maintain and clean: The fabric is water-repellent, making it easy to clean as water easily slides off. For regular cleaning, machine-wash, non-chlorine bleach, with warm water (104F).

Safe fabric: The fabric was not treated with any optical brightener that can exude potentially harmful fumes or odors over time.

Does not include hooks: This product does not come with its own hooks. You will need to purchase the hooks separately.

Fabric a bit flimsy: This shower curtain is somewhat sheer, causing more light to enter. This may not provide enough privacy, though adding a liner can help solve the issue.

This shower curtain will instantly make your bathroom look more interesting. The black and white color scheme grabs attention without being too overpowering.

  • Good fabric
  • Weighted hem
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Non-treated fabric
  • Hooks not included in the purchase
  • Flimsy fabric

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Eforcurtain Extra-Long Shower Curtain


This shower curtain comes in a basic gray/gray white color that easily matches any existing bathroom décor. It hangs well and requires low maintenance.

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Polyester, fade resistant fabric: The fabric used in this curtain is 100% polyester, which can retain its original color even after multiple washes.

Mildew-free, water-repellent: Water slides off the fabric easily. The fabric also dries quickly, leaving no droplets for molds and mildews to thrive on.

Rust-resistant grommets: The metal grommets that come with the shower curtain do not rust, making the curtain look good for an extended period.

No liner needed: The fabric is thick enough for adequate cover. It is waterproof and additional liners are no longer necessary.

Cheap plastic rings: This shower curtain comes with a set of 12 plastic rings made of cheap plastic, although these are not exactly necessary.

Generous size: At 78 inches long and 72 inches wide, you may need to hang the shower curtain higher to avoid folded fabric at the bottom.

This shower curtain is not prone to mold and mildew growth for its water-resistant and quick-drying features. This is ideal for those who prefer low-maintenance curtains.

  • Fade-resistant fabric
  • Water repellent
  • Grommets resistant to rust
  • No need for liners
  • Comes with cheap plastic rings
  • Generous dimensions

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