Transform Your Bathroom With These Decorating Ideas

It pays to know how to decorate a bathroom because when done right, you could benefit from visual appeal and the illusion of space (or even actually improve space)

The color and light are the most basic elements to take into consideration when decorating a bathroom. In theory, any space that is either brighter or lighter will look larger.

Replacing Your Lighting Fixture

As mentioned earlier, lighting can make wonders on small spaces. If you have out-dated lighting fixtures, it is about time you replace them.

Even a simple lighting replacement can transform make your bathroom aesthetically appealing. You just need to choose lighting wisely.

Although electrical projects are best done by experts, with some guidance, you will be able to do the job yourself without issues. Choose lighting that complements your bathroom design.

When replacing your lighting fixtures, be sure to go for energy efficient LED fixtures.  These fixtures do not have the tendency to heat your bathroom up.

Painting Your Walls

Colors provide a beautiful transformation into a small space. Be sure to choose the perfect shade or color that will complement your bathroom.

If you are unsure of the color or shade to choose, do not hesitate to ask the paint shop. This enables you to know the additive that will prevent your paint from mildewing.

Aside from painting your bathroom walls, you should also consider painting the cabinets by making a purchase of semi-gloss or eggshell paint.

While it can be exciting to choose from a range of paint colors, always take your bathroom design into consideration. You will also have to choose high quality paint.

Add Water Resistant Canvas Prints

Just because your bathroom are not always visible to guests does not necessarily mean you should leave your bathroom walls unadorned. Add some art pieces to your wall.

It is also important that your bathroom has the best visual impact as the rest of your home. You can do this by adding customized wall art.

You do not have to buy expensive wall arts as custom printers are now available. These printers provide you an ability to create canvas prints, which you can laminate.

Laminating your wall arts will make them water resistant. You can also purchase ready-made wall art which is water-resistant.

Redecorate Your Tiles

Your tiles may be another reason your bathroom screams for a major make over. In this case, you need to consider redecorating them.

There are removable adhesive tiles you can use so you can replace your boring tiles with attractive and eye-catching tiles. They do not require experts hands to install.

The best thing about adhesive tiles is that they are easy to cut and install. They also look like the real deal without damaging your surface.

You will also be spared from spending too much time on the process of replacing tiles. Be sure to explore options so you can make the most from adhesive tiles.

Hardware Upgrade

Loose screws from bathroom drawers, cabinets and towel bars look unsightly. A simple hardware replacement such as popping off old hardware can keep your bathroom presentable.

Replacing old hardware prevents you from buying a new cabinet or drawers. This simple trick can come a long way.

Improve your bathroom storage

Sometimes, decluttering your bathroom can give it a fresh and updated look. Maximizing your existing storage by getting rid of rubbish will give you extra space.

Maximize your bathroom space by adding pull out drawers, wall mounted baskets and adding a small furniture-style cabinet. You can purchase these items from home improvement stores.

Accessorize your bathroom

You can also give your bathroom an updated look by adding personality to it. Accessorize your bathroom by adding a wastebasket, live plant or a candle.

These accessories can add finishing touches to your bathroom. They will also look stylish and well maintained especially to guests.

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