Best Handheld Shower Head

Did you ever wish that your shower head could be flexible and hold it in your hand while you are bathing? That is possible if you are using the best handheld shower head.

The wonderful thing about it is that not only you can hold it, but you can also attach it to the shower pipe, mount it on the wall, and rest it on a cradle.

Handheld Shower Head Reviews

ZenFresh Filtration Shower Head

ZenFresh’ handheld shower head produces filtered body spray, which rejuvenates the skin. It features laser perforated technology, which conserves water without affecting water pressure. It has bioactive stones to restore oil gland balance.

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Hydroluxe Shower-Head /Handheld-Shower Combo

This Hydroluxe® shower head combo has 5 settings for both handheld and shower head combo. It also features anti-swivel lock nut, patented 3-way water diverter and 3-zone click lever dial.

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Delta Faucet 75700 Hand shower

This 7-setting handheld spray/massage shower from Delta Faucet has an easy-turn spray dial with internal double check and water-way valve. It features an ergonomic handle with extra-long tangle-free, 6-feet flexible hose.

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Vida Alegría Handheld Shower Head

This is a good choice for children and pets. Vida Alegria’s shower head comes with tangle-free expandable hose. It has more than 5 spray modes and 2-part removable water flow restrictor.

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Waterpik TRS-553 Hand Held Shower Head

This Waterpik handheld shower head has the advanced OptiFLOW technology for full-body, high-pressure spray. It comes with 5 settings and 5-foot hose for assisted washing, and bathing kids and pets.

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AquaBliss Handheld Shower Head Set

Lightweight and durable, this handheld shower from AquaBliss has an ergonomic handle. It has 5 settings and works well in both low and high water pressure.

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ShowerMaxx Handheld Shower Head

ShowerMaxx offers this handheld shower built with high quality ABS material and elegant chrome finish. It has 6 settings and multiple modes, including high pressure and massage.

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Moen DN8001CH Hand Held Shower

This handheld shower from Moen has the exclusive pause control button to reduce water flow. The shower head has a bright and highly reflective chrome finish, soft grip and lightweight.

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DreamSpa Rainfall Shower Head / Handheld Combo

With a push-button for flow control, DreamSpa’s rainfall shower combo allows for easy shower setting adjustment. It features an extra-large rainfall shower head with 2-way water diverter.

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HotelSpa® Handheld Shower

HotelSpa® offers this shower head featuring the latest in style and performance. It is equipped with the latest technology for shower water filtration using the RS-2 KDF/active carbon shower filter.

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How To Select The Best Handheld Shower Head

Also known as a shower spray unit or adjustable showerhead, a handheld shower head consists of a flexible, long hose with a showerhead connected to one end. The other side is connected to a water outlet.

It offers you flexibility, allowing you to experience a great shower. Younger and older people can benefit from this type. Some of the considerations when choosing handheld shower include:

Quality – Read user reviews, ask testimonials from associates, and rely on good brands. Also, check the quality of the showerhead’s material. There are still good quality showerheads even if they are cheap.

Length of hose & size of head – You don’t want an overly large head, which is harder to handle. However, make sure it’s still large enough to ensure maximum coverage. Most models come with standard-length hoses.

Finish & style – Choose a finish and style that complements the features and fittings of your bathroom. A shiny chrome showerhead may look awkward among antique-style fittings.

Fit & wall mounting – Check if the handheld showerhead can fit in your existing setup. You can determine such by viewing product features. If they don’t fit and you want the showerhead, you can use adapters to aid your installation.

Types Of Handheld Shower Head

Handheld showers come in various types and include parts that you can integrate together in several ways. Below are some of your most common options:

Replaceable Showerhead – This type entails the simple unscrewing of the old showerhead from the shower arm. Screw in the new showerhead in the old showerhead’s place.

Replaceable Shower Arm & Showerhead – If you want the hose rest and handheld showerhead flush to the wall, replace the shower arm with a shorter adapter pipe or shower arm. A handheld showerhead may be attached to the shorter pipe.

Installed Slide Bar & Diverter Valve – You may install a diverter valve between the existing showerhead and the shower arm, then attach the showerhead to the valve. A slide bar then holds the newly installed showerhead.

Showerhead Holder & Installed Diverter Valve – A diverter valve is installed between the existing showerhead and the shower arm. The handheld showerhead is then attached to the valve. The holder is wall-installed.

Sink Handheld Showerhead – If you have no choice but to place your showerhead by a sink, you have options meant to be installed in lavatories. The option makes it easier to wash hair in the sink.

Advantages Of Having A Handheld Shower Head

Handheld showerheads have more benefits over basic showerheads. One benefit is that you don’t have to contort your position to wash hard-to-reach areas. Just move the showerhead directly to that area. Other benefits are:

Great for small children – Bathing your children is easier when you can direct the water to gently spray on to them. You can effectively wash and rinse soap and shampoo off them while keeping yourself relatively dry.

Helps with low pressure – If you have low household water pressure, bringing a handheld shower close to you can give you a better shower. You can let the water flow to a particular part of your body for rinsing.

Excellent for older people – Seniors have generally less muscle strength and flexibility. A wall-mounted showerhead makes it harder for them to bend. You can reduce turning and twisting and the likelihood of falls and slips.

Easier to bathe pets – Save money and time with a shower instead of a dog washer. When you bathe your dog at home, they may be less anxious. You can just direct the showerhead to them without you getting wet.

Shower area is easy to clean – Just spray your glass and tile walls with a conventional bathroom cleaner. Using the handheld showerhead, you can easily rinse off any soapy residue produced by your bathroom cleaner.

How To Install A Handheld Shower Head

If the plumbing is ready, a handheld showerhead can be installed in minutes. Tools are unnecessary. What is mainly required are your hand’s strength to unscrew and screw the parts.

If you do the installation yourself, use Teflon tape and wrap it around the threading of the shower arm. You can also apply pipe dope to the threading before screwing the parts together. The process helps in preventing leaks.

Pipe dope and Teflon tape are not included in showerhead packages and are normally bought separately. If your bathroom has older plumbing, you may have a problem installing the handheld showerhead.

Plus, older plumbing may already have calcification. If you attempt to manipulate the old parts and if they are rusty, you may risk leaking. For such kind of plumbing, hire a plumber or a handyman to do the job.

The services of a handyman are usually cheaper and they can do basic plumbing jobs. If your house is older and you assume the plumbing is not in top condition, hire a plumber to do the job.

When your handheld shower is already properly installed, you can use it. When you clean your showerhead periodically, your durable unit can serve you for several years.

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