Best Rain Shower Head

Ever wonder if you can turn your shower head into a fashion statement that makes your bathroom more attractive while remaining functional? It is possible if you get the best rain shower head.

With lots of options to choose from, your everyday habit of taking a bath will be transformed into an enjoyable haven that is free from the stresses of your workday.

Rain Shower Head Reviews

Delta RP52382 Touch Clean Raincan Single-Setting Showerhead


The RP52382 Touch Clean Raincan Single-Setting Showerhead by Delta Faucet has a flow rate of 2.5 gpm. With a diameter of 8.8 inches, it can maximize your shower experience. The chrome finish is perfect for bathrooms with contemporary aesthetics.

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Hansgrohe 27474001 Raindance Downpour AIR Showerhead


The 27474001 Raindance Downpour AIR Showerhead by Hansgrohe is a 10-inch chrome showerhead that offers an intense shower. The QuickClean anti-calcification function allows deposits to be rubbed from the nozzles. The modern design can instantly add appeal to the bathroom.

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Moen S6320 Velocity 8″ Two-Function Rainshower Showerhead


The S6320 Velocity 8″ Two-Function Rainshower Showerhead by Moen allows wider water coverage. It has both concentrated rinse and rainshower functions. The technology allows water to pass through with 3 times more spraying power.

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Pfister Marielle Raincan Showerhead (Brushed Nickel)


The Marielle Raincan Showerhead (Brushed Nickel) by Pfister is a wall-mounted showerhead that comes with a flange and a metal arm. The 2.5 gpm showerhead is easy to install. The rustic appearance can beautify any traditional bathroom.

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American Standard 1660.680.295 8-Inch Rain Showerhead


The 1660.680.295 8-Inch Rain Showerhead by American Standard lets you experience a relaxing rain shower. The brass construction is solid, allowing you to enjoy the showerhead for a long time. The showerhead flows at 2.5 gpm.

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Hansgrohe 27495001 Raindance S 150 AIR 3-Jet Shower Head


The 27495001 Raindance S 150 AIR 3-Jet Shower Head by Hansgrohe features Balance AIR, Rain AIR, and Whirl Air modes. Its QuickClean function protects against limescale. It also features 86 spray channels that are no-clog.

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KOHLER K-9245-CP Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker


The K-9245-CP Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker by Kohler lets you listen to audio while you’re taking a shower. The water-resistant speaker can be removed easily for charging. Made of polished chrome, the showerhead has a 2.5 gpm water flow.

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DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury 9″ Rainfall Shower Head/Handheld Combo


The Ultra-Luxury 9″ Rainfall Shower Head/Handheld Combo by DreamSpa has flow control (push-button) for a single hand operation. It features luxurious waterfall, aeration massage, and high-power rain settings. The chrome finish can enhance a contemporary bathroom.

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Koko Rain16 Ultra-Thin Rain Shower Head


The Rain16 Ultra-Thin Rain Shower Head by Koko has a square shape and made of stainless steel to ensure maximum coverage. The swivel adapter lets you angle the unit during use. The rubber nozzles can be easily cleaned.

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Kingston Brass K136A5 Designer 8″ Round Shower Head


The K136A5 Designer 8″ Round Shower Head by Kingston Brass has 169 water channels for a powerful shower experience. It has a maximum 2.0 gpm flow rate. The bronze finish can enhance a transitional bathroom.

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Types of Shower Heads

Although the simplest, least expensive shower heads can already give a satisfying shower experience, the more advanced ones are worth trying. Shower heads come with either single or multiple settings to suit your preferences.

Single-Setting Models – As the name implies, this shower head type offers only one setting for flow pattern. Water flows naturally at normal speed and in regular amount.

Multi-Setting Models – Shower heads with multiple settings allow you to adjust the pattern of water flow. They can have up to 12 settings, including mist, massage, wide stream, narrow stream, pulsing and trickle.

Most multi-setting models offer consistently variable settings and are favored by most consumers. Apparently, this type is more expensive than the standard single-setting models.

Shower Towers – Shower towers use a combination of sprays and heads, and have up to four outlets in a single unit. These feature a handheld or fixed shower head (or both), and several body jets.

Aerating and Handheld Showerheads – Aerating shower heads produce a misty spray by mixing water with air. Handheld shower heads can either stand in a holder or be held to focus the water flow on certain body areas.

Features of a Good Shower Head

Produces strong water flow – Shower heads that deliver a powerful stream of water and have wider coverage are preferred by most consumers. These heads offer a more satisfying and relaxing experience.

Installs easily – Shower heads are typically easy to install, provided you have proper tools and are knowledgeable with the different shower components. Still though, getting good instructions and installation tips from the manufacturer can make the process easier and faster.

Simple to use and adjust – Shower heads with many flow patterns can be quite confusing to use. It may take time to get used to the process of switching from one pattern to another. Make sure to check the owner’s manual for proper instructions.

Reduces water consumption – A standard 2.5 GPM shower head can save more water compared to older 5 GPM models. You can also find shower heads that use only 1.5 GPM but can still provide good water pressure.

Keeps water hot – Most shower heads use air pressure to deliver stronger water pressure. However, the water can cool down during this process. Many manufacturers now employ modern, proprietary technologies to increase water pressure without excessively cooling the running water.

Durable – The shower head should be durable enough to hold up for a long time. It should not leak or break, and its finish shouldn’t peel off easily.

How to Install a Rain Shower Head

Choose the right shower head. 7-inch shower heads work well for most bathtubs, while 10-inch (or longer) shower arms are ideal for overhead installation. Make sure the shower head does not go way below the height of the wall.

Aside from the set of shower head parts that came with the package, you will need a Plumber’s tape and an adjustable wrench or pliers. Make sure all the assembly pieces are complete. Cover the drain with a rag to prevent the pieces from dropping inside.

Remove the old head using a wrench or pliers. If you are installing a shower arm so that the rain shower has a greater height, you need to remove everything attached to the wall outlet.

Wrap the Plumber’s tape around the thread of the new shower head. This creates a good seal to prevent the water from leaking through the side, and maintain stable water pressure.

Use pliers or a wrench to install the new shower head. Tighten it properly and make sure to hold it in place. To prevent damage to the head, screw it on simply by hand. Make sure to align the threads and secure everything tightly.

After installing the new head, clear the mess and store away the old pieces if you want. Turn on the shower and inspect the sides of the head, the arm connection and the wall outlet for any leaks.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shower Heads

Do I need an extension arm? You may need an extension arm if you have high ceilings or the shower head seems too far away to be fully operational once installed.

What spray pattern is the best? Some consumers enjoy invigorating sprays while others favor the gentle trickle of rain shower. There are many consumer reviews that you can check out to help you choose which type best suits your preference.

I’m tall. Is there any shower head that fits me? Yes. Many shower heads are now designed to suit taller consumers. Measure the enclosure in your shower before buying to get the proper specifications for your shower head.

Do I need a handheld shower head? The only difference of handheld shower heads compared to other types is that you can remove them from the holder so you can focus it on specific body areas.

What type of shower head do I need? Choosing the type of shower head mainly depends on your preference and budget. Compare models and read some reviews to see which one suits you best.

Does the water pressure in our home affect the flow pattern of shower heads? Yes. Households with low water pressure often find that regular shower heads provide only a trickle that is not strong enough for thorough washing. Manufacturers are making new ways to accommodate this concern.

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