Best High Pressure Shower Head

Are you thinking about replacing your shower head, but cannot decide on which type to choose? You can opt for the best high pressure shower head.

While enjoying the amazing pressure of water, this shower head can also offer other features such as adjustable water spraying patterns, massaging, and water burst.

High Pressure Shower Head Reviews

Delta 75152 Shower Head

Delta’s single-function showerhead comes with the H2O kinetic technology, which reduces water output by 36%. The dual settings available are 1.85 and 2.5 gallons per minute.

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Speakman S-2005-HB Anystream Shower Head

This adjustable shower heads from Speakman has 2.5 gpm flow rate and Anystream 360°. It has 5 adjustable jets for 50 individual streams and additional 8 massage pulsating sprays.

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Thunderhead – TH2.5 Rain Shower Head

This rain showerhead from Thunderhead disperses water from pressure chamber through 90 evenly-spaced spray jets. It has the Acrobat ™ extension arm with self-locking ratchet joints.

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Speakman S-2252-PB Icon Anystream Shower Head

This Speakman shower head is equipped with the Anystream 360° technology and patented Speakman® plunger system. It has 6 adjustable jets for 48 individual sprays, and flow control of 2.5 gpm.

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Aqua Elegante Shower Head

Aqua Elegante offers this high pressure shower head equipped with a removable restrictor designed to boost water flow. It has 6 different settings and self-cleaning nozzles that prevent calcium buildup.

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ShowerMaxx High Pressure Shower Head

This luxurious shower head from ShowerMaxx has 6 settings including high pressure rainfall. It comes with ABS lightweight body, removable water flow restrictor and silicone self-cleaning nozzles.

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SR SUN RISE SRSH-1003 Rain Shower Head

SR Sun Rise offers thin ultra-thin rain shower head, which delivers 2.5 gpm with 20% water reduction. Powerful rain shower is delivered by an air energy technology.

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Vida Alegría Shower Head

This shower head from Vida Alegria has the hi-tech ABS face, which stays clean. It has 2-part restrictor to increase power in low water pressure. It also offers more than 5 east-to-adjust spray modes.

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HotelSpa® Emerald Rainfall Shower Head

Hotel Spa offers this high pressure rainfall shower head with 120 jets, maximizing water pressure to 2.5gpm. It has flow restrictor for superior performance at low water pressure.

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Hydroluxe® Rainfall Shower Head

This rainfall showerhead from Hydrolux has 48 individual jets for high powered spa shower experience. It maximizes water pressure at 2.5 gpm without water wastage and features removable flow restrictor for use in low water pressure.

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How To Select The Best High-Pressure Shower Head

An excellent water pressure can be the hallmark of the bathroom. What use are expensive tiles and good-looking fittings if they can’t deliver high water volumes? A high pressure shower head is needed to address such concerns.

It is meant to deliver high water pressure with the same water flow amount. This can be done via a pressure chamber design or adjustable spray settings.

The adjustable settings condense the spray into a powerful shower. The pressure chamber adds pressure and air to the water, and expels it at higher pressures. Some considerations before making a buying decision include:

Quality – Choose showerheads from reputable manufacturers and check product reviews. Ask opinions from family and friends. As high-pressure shower heads have more components, it is advisable to buy a long-lasting one.

Pressure Design – Choose between a showerhead with a pressure chamber and one with adjustable settings. A product with a pressure chamber can work better than one with adjustable settings.

Narrow or Wide – Do you seek to increase pressure while bathing or does your house have low water pressure? You may need a high-pressure showerhead with a narrow head. It allows you a stronger shower despite the small spray area.

Types Of High-Pressure Shower Head

High pressure shower heads come in many forms. The common denominator is the pressure produced when using them. High-pressure showerhead types include:

Rain Shower Heads – They are installed on the bathroom wall’s higher portions. To get an acceptable rain effect, have a high power water source. Some rain shower heads can enhance your water supply and provide you with a high-pressure shower.

Single-Spray Showerhead – This type is the most affordable and the most used in households. When changing the water pressure, there is a simple adjustment. It’s easy to install and has several water spray patterns.

Sliding Bar Showerheads – You can remove them from the shower holder and use them as handheld showerheads. The main purpose of this type is to allow users to adjust the shower’s height.

Handheld Showerheads – The versatile handheld showerhead usually gives high water pressure. You can leave it on the wall for showering or you can detach it from its holder.

These different types are mostly made of solid brass, other metals, or plastic with a colored or chrome finish. Some popular finishes include white, oil-rubbed bronze, polished or brushed nickel, and polished or brushed chrome.

Advantages Of Having A High-Pressure Shower Head

If you seek to have a showerhead in your bathroom, read the benefits of using high-pressure ones. You can even install them if your home has low water pressure.

Water Volume – If you use a high-pressure showerhead in an area with low water volume, your shower experience will be better. Such showerhead can give you a better output of water.

Rinses Well – High-pressure showerheads allows you to bathe quicker. It also ensures you rinse the suds off properly. It gives you a more satisfying bathing experience each time.

Massage Therapy – A high-pressure showerhead can offer you a therapeutic bath. Choose massage settings that imitate the pressure of a conventional body massage. Your tense muscles can easily relax.

Reduces Water Consumption – It’s a myth that high-pressure showers consume a lot of water. The right showerhead can give you enough water without the need to use more than necessary.

Various Water Spray Modes – Advanced showerheads come with various water spray features including massage, rain, and mist types. There’s also a pause option when applying soap and you still want a few water sprinkles.

Tips To Use The High-Pressure Shower Head

A high-pressure shower head works best when your home has an acceptable water volume and pressure. However, you can still use it in locations with low water volumes, as it is adjustable.

If you are looking for a high-pressure showerhead, check your home’s existing showerhead settings. While many showerheads can easily fit your current shower fixtures, others may not, causing the need for adapters.

There are many high-pressure shower head designs. Each showerhead has its pros and cons based on your current settings and bathroom size. Ask a certified plumber to install or fix the fittings to accommodate your showerhead.

Before buying, know that prices vary – from the cheap to the exorbitantly-priced. While expensive showerheads have more features, some are based on the product’s make and quality.

Your high-pressure shower head should be maintained easily. If you have a product with a confusing setup, you may have a hard time cleaning it. You may also need special tools to access its hard-to-reach spots.

Cleaning your shower head regularly can eliminate clogs, depending on the water volume and supply. Not cleaning it regularly may lead to performance-related issues in the future.

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