Best Top Load Washer And Dryer

Did you know that there is a washing machine wherein you do not need to bend down when dumping your clothes? Yes, that is the best top load washer and dryer.

This is also a cheaper option because it is not as expensive as the front load washers. It is also reliable because it has programmable functions for a more convenient washing and drying.

Top Load Washer And Dryer Reviews

GE White Top Load Laundry Pair


The White Top-Load Laundry Pair by GE has a washer with a 4.6 cubic feet capacity and a 7.4 cubic feet front-load dryer. The washer has 6 temperature settings and 14 wash cycles. The dryer has 4 temperature selections and 12 dry cycles.

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Manatee 11-Lb. Mini Compact Twin Tub


The 11-Lb. Mini Compact Twin Tub by Manatee has a built-in drain pump that easily discards water. The transparent lid allows for spin dry-and wash cycle viewing. The 31x25x16-inch washer/dryer can be used in apartments, dormitories, and many more.

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Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub 11-Lb.


The Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub 11-Lb. by Giantex measures 24.8x14x28.5 inches and can be used in condos, apartments, and smaller houses. The spin dryer has a 6.6 pound capacity. The washer can accommodate water temperatures of up to 54°C.

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LG Power Pair Special (Pure White)


The Power Pair Special (Pure White) by LG is a complete 5.0-cubic feet washer and 7.3-cubic feet electric dryer set. The washer has Wave Force, Oxi-Sanitize, and TurboWash programs. Its drums made of stainless steel are rust-free and durable.

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Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine (15 Lbs. Capacity)


The Small Compact Portable Washing Machine (15 Lbs. Capacity) by Panda has a built-in pump. The dryer has an 8-pound capacity and its transparent lid allows easy monitoring. The portable combo can be used in dorms, apartments, and RVs.

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Xtremepower US Portable Compact Washer and Dryer


The Portable Compact Washer and Dryer by XtremepowerUS consists of an 8.8-pound capacity washer and a 5.5-pound capacity spin dryer. Measuring 29.2×25.5×16 inches, the washer/dryer can fit into small spaces. It can be used in small homes, condos, and apartments.

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Bismi Professional-Grade Compact Portable Washing Machine & Dryer


The Professional-Grade Compact Portable Washing Machine & Dryer by Bismi weighs 30 pounds. The twin tub washer has an 8-pound capacity, while the dryer has a 5-pound capacity. It can easily wash undergarments, shirts, towels, and pants.

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Ivation Small Compact Portable Washing Machine


The Small Compact Portable Washing Machine by Ivation lets you wash medium loads. The unit has an 8-pound washing capacity and the spin dryer has a 4.4-pound capacity. It can be used in smaller spaces like guesthouses, condos, and apartments.

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Ivation Small Compact Portable Washing Machine (15 Lbs. Capacity)


The Small Compact Portable Washing Machine (15 Lbs. Capacity) by Ivation also pairs with an 11-pound capacity spin dryer. The unit comes with a tube and drainage pump. It can be used in smaller spaces like motor homes and guesthouses.

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LG H/E Ultra Large Capacity H/E Top Load Laundry Pair


The H/E Ultra Large Capacity H/E Top Load Laundry Pair by LG combines a 4.7-cubic feet capacity washer and a 7.3-cubic feet capacity electric dryer. Its SmartDiagnosis Program allows easy maintenance. The unit can make washing chores at home effortless.

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Advantages of Top-Load Washers

Top-load washers and dryers have improved significantly and now offer benefits that some front-loaders cannot give. Here are the 5 essential benefits provided by new top-load washing machines:

Convenient Design – With a top-load washer, you can squeeze in forgotten items even during a cycle. Simply lift the door and add them anytime. Front-loaders don’t allow this as they are locked in as soon as the lid closes and for the entire duration.

Larger Load Capacity – Instead of roiling the clothes for washing, they are lifted, tumbled, and washed using manufacturer-specific techniques. This eliminates the need for center-post agitator and allows for cleaning larger loads of clothes.

Less Water Consumption – High-efficiency top-load washers use only half the amount of water used by conventional ones. This saves money in the long run, and helps conserve water, making them eco-friendly.

Smoother Operation – Top-loaders still produce noise during operation, but they seldom have the window-rattling sound common to front-loaders. Some models can be installed on a concrete floor to lessen the rattling/shaking noise.

Better Water Extraction – High-efficiency top-loaders use high-velocity methods in drying clothes, leading to higher cost and energy savings. High-speed spinning extracts more water per cycle, which is a vital feature to look for in a washer/dryer.

Factors to Consider When Buying Top-Load Washers

Before buying, evaluate your needs first and determine how many laundry loads you typically wash every week. If you have a big family, consider buying a larger washer that can accommodate larger loads.

If your clothes are made of delicate fabrics, get a machine with hand-washing simulation cycles. If you typically wash heavy fabric materials, a machine with extra rinse and spin cycles is ideal.

If you often wash heavily soiled garments such as sports clothes, a machine with extended wash and pre-soaking cycles is a good choice. However, if your clothes are slightly soiled, a machine with a quick-wash feature is more appropriate.

When choosing a washer, also consider the place where you will install it. If you plan to install the washer onto a wall, don’t get one with a lid that opens sideways as it is likely to hit the wall every time you open it.

If you’re placing the washer in the basement or in a poorly-lit area, consider getting one with lighting options and loud signals. If you want to install it near a bedroom, get a silent model.

If you have children who often play sports or join outdoor activities, look for one with temperature settings and pre-soak cycles. This allows you to preset the machine, automatically adjusting the mix of cold and hot water and retaining the right temperature.

How to Maintain your Washer and Dryer

Level the Washer – Make sure your washer is properly positioned to prevent early wear and tear. If you notice that it’s off-balance, pull it out from the wall and adjust its feet using a wrench or pliers.

Clean the Vents Regularly – Wash the interior vents after every load to avoid blockage and lint build-up. Check the outdoor connection to eliminate obstructions, such as pest nests.

Remove Build-Up – If the clothes have an unwanted smell taking them out of the washer, there may be a build-up of bacteria inside. To remove it, dry the washer drum and rubber gasket after every load. Leave the door open to clear the odor.

Replace Hoses – Check the hoses for cracks, kinks and stiffness at least once per year. Replace the torn and brittle tubes with stainless steel clad hoses or mesh-wrapped ends for maximum performance.

Preserve Detergent – Avoid using too much detergent as it can leave residues that the washer cannot easily remove. Those residues can build up and reduce the efficiency of the appliance and the cleanliness of your clothes.

Avoid Overloading – An overloaded washer may malfunction, dislodge vents and hoses, and spin off-balance. It may also cause dryer distress and inadequate drainage. Avoid overloading to prolong the washer’s life.

Frequently Asked Questions about Top-Load Washers

Do washers/dryers have any safety features? Yes. Some washers have safety locks that keep the washer door closed during each cycle. Especially when your kids are around, this feature is extremely beneficial.

What washers conserve more water and energy? A washing machine with an Energy Star label means that it meets the government standards for high-efficiency and low-energy consumption.

What is the best way to evaluate tub capacity? Most tubs measure around 2.45 to 3.3 cubic feet. If you have a large household or tend to accumulate your laundry, look for a washer with a “plus” label. It can likely accommodate up to 15 pounds of clothes at a time.

Which is better: touchpads or push buttons? Touchpads have sleeker design and offer easier cleaning as compared to push buttons and dials. Electronic touchpads also provide instant feedback, with cycle-time readouts, lights, and icons that are visible across the room.

What type of warranty do washing machine manufacturers offer? Manufacturers typically offer one or two years of warranty for parts and labor. Certain components, such as the tub and motor, are often covered for extended periods.

Is it worth spending for extended warranties? It makes sense to have an extended warranty if you aren’t capable of doing simple repairs yourself. Before signing up though, check the free warranties first as some credit card companies automatically provide one-year warranty extension.

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