Best Bathroom Scale

Wouldn’t it be cool if you know how much you weigh after waking up in the morning? Therefore, the best bathroom scale can be a perfect addition to your home.

This simple device can give you an accurate reading if you are the type who is health and weight-conscious and you need to watch your weight all the time.

Bathroom Scale Reviews

EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale with Step-on Technology


This digital scale from EatSmart has a step-on technology. There’s no need for tapping. Simply step on it and it will automatically power up and display readings.

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EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale


This digital bathroom scale from EatSmart comes with an extra-large lighted display. It has a 400-pound capacity, with 4 high-precision sensors for graduation increments of 3 ounces (0.2 pounds).

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Balance From C400SV Digital Bathroom Scale


This digital scale from BalanceFrom offers accurate weight readings. It displays current weight in blue backlight and the last registered weight in green back light.

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Etekcity Digital Body Weight Scale


This bathroom scale from Etekcity flashes the weight readings right after stepping into the scale. It has the latest version of high-precision sensors. It has 6mm-thick tempered glass.

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Greater Goods™ Bathroom Scale


This scale from Greater Goods™ has an easy-to-read backlit LCD screen. Its precision sensors can give precise readings within 0.2 pounds. This product has a 5-year warranty.

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Ozeri ZB19 Rev Scale


This bathroom scale comes with an electro-mechanical synchronized dial in retro look. The LCD lights up automatically and gives weight readings in both kilograms and pounds.

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Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Weight Scale


This smart scale from Greater Goods™ not only gives weight readings, but also body fat, bone mass, water weight, BMI and lean mass measurements. It establishes 1:1 secure Bluetooth connection for syncing data with fitness apps.

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Vive Precision Digital Bathroom Scale


Vive Precision’s bathroom scale can read weights of up to 330 pounds, in increments of 0.2 pounds. It has a push button, which allows for toggling between stones, kilograms and pounds.

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Utopia Scales Digital Bathroom Scale


This wide-platform digital body weight scale from Utopia Scales has smart Strain gauge sensor with high precision capabilities. It also features a tempered glass top at 6 mm thickness.

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Yunmai Smart Scale


This smart scale from Yunmai has Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. It comes with a free app, which lets you track results using Samsung Galaxy or iPhone. It gives 10 precision body measurements.

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How To Select The Best Bathroom Scale

Bathroom scales evolved over the past decades. Old bathroom scales were made of metal and plastic and were not digital. Nowadays, you can find a selection of advanced digital scales everywhere.

Choosing the best bathroom scale can be confusing at first. However, if you know what to look for, you’ll find the selection process easier. Some factors to consider in the selection process include:

Bathroom Scale Model – You can choose a floor model or a standing model. The more advanced standing models are found in clinical surroundings. The more compact floor models offer several features for users.

Style – Choose a bathroom scale, which is aesthetically pleasing, as it may grace your bathroom for several years. The good news is it comes in various materials and colors – from whimsical to sleek scales.

Digital or Analog – Analog scales are affordable and simple to use. Digital scales are more accurate (reading within 1/10th of one pound) and have more features. They are also useful if you seek to track changes in weight.

Scale Specifications – Be mindful of weight range. Make sure the bathroom scale you use suits your family’s weight range. Check the scale’s measurements to ensure it will fit in your bathroom easily.

Types Of Bathroom Scale

Bathroom scales are available in various models – ranging from simple and affordable to the more expensive yet feature-rich. The more conventional analog types are now being replaced by the more accurate digital scales.

Analog – The traditional scale’s analog dial may be difficult to read as numerals appear only at full increments. In an analog scale, there are lines between numerals that mark off weight increases.

Digital – On and LCD (liquid crystal display) screen, you will see numbers having decimal points. The digital scale reports a more accurate reading, while letting you avoid the need to strain and read an analog dial.

Wireless – Wireless bathroom scales work if you don’t want to read the floor-level LCD. They have detachable LCD screens. Put the screen at a convenient location, step on the scale, and the numbers are transferred through radio waves.

Nowadays, bathroom scales are considered as tools to reach and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The most advanced scales, aside from measuring body weight, can estimate muscle weight, water weight, and body fat percentage.

Some models calculate based on gender, age or height, while others use electronic pulses. Other scales also show the daily calorie number needed to maintain or reduce current weight.

How To Use A Bathroom Scale

Before using an analog scale, make sure to calibrate it. Calibrating makes sure you get an accurate reading. Analog scales have either a knob or a dial found at the base. Calibrate the scales every 3-6 months.

Use scale on a level surface – Putting the bathroom scales on a level surface helps you get an accurate reading. A scale on an uneven floor can lead to a calibration disturbance, thereby providing inaccurate readings.

Place on hard surface – A tile floor is the best place to position your scales. A scale on carpet may lead to an inaccurate reading due to carpet fibers’ interference. The scale’s foot pads may become less sensitive.

Use scale in the morning – Drinking and eating throughout the day can cause weight fluctuations. It may appear that you have gained weight. Thus, it’s best to use it in the morning before eating anything.

Wait before using digital scale – There’s usually a button on a digital scale’s base. Press the button once until the display shows zero. After you see zero, you can step on the scale.

Use scale for personal use – In analog scales, the springs may become worn from overuse, leading to inaccurate readings. To avoid this, let your household know that the scale is for your own use.

How The Bathroom Scale Works

The bathroom scale works based on a principle of physics known as Hooke’ Law. The law says that a spring’s stretch is proportional directly to the force applied.

Four brackets evenly distribute a person’s weight to 4 levers that are linked to a plate attached to a spring’s end. As the spring can only support limited weight, the scale’s levers reduce the weight applied to the spring.

The ratio (1:12) means the force engaged to the spring is 10 pounds from a 12-lb. person. The spring assumes a rack-and-pinion motion to control the dial, and spinning to the right number.

Bathroom scale makers keep the scales small as the manufacturers can utilize smaller springs to carry smaller amounts of weight. However, such smaller springs aren’t always precise.

The weight system can be both simple and complicated. The principle and the technology are quite old, and many don’t bother to open up a scale and see how it operates.

Physics is behind how bathroom (analog or digital) scales work. As engineers assert, stress is proportional with strain. Thus, it makes sense to take care and calibrate your bathroom scales right.

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