Best Garment Steamers

One common concern travelers experience is wearing creased clothing. Donning a wrinkled dress or suit is not what you would want, especially if you are to impress an important person in a business or professional meeting.

At times like these, you wish for a handy hardware that could remove creases fast, easy, and efficient. A useful tool that saves you the extra cost for laundry services.

Technology provides the solution for travelers and home users through garment steamers. There are many steamers in the market to choose from, but you want the best for your use.

J-2000 Jiffy Garment Steamer

The Jiffy J-2000 is a garment steamer designed for home, light industrial, and commercial purposes. The product operates on a 1300 watts power and a 96-ounce water container that allows for longer use on various kinds of fabric.

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The housing is of durable plastic designed for long-lasting use. The brass fittings and aluminum rod makes the device sturdy, regardless of the frequency of use.


The flexible 5.5 ft. rubber hose makes use easy, along with the swivel caster for a 360-degree mobility. It is safe to use with its valve cup that checks for spills, and a fusible link with an automatic on-off device.

Long time usage

This device has a 3 to 4-gallon water container that makes you steam more fabrics in 1.5 hours without any effect on its performance.

This unit has no lock on the wheels and could be a problem with smooth floors. You can resolve this problem by placing it on the carpet.

Steamer heads could either be plastic or metal. A plastic head is less durable as the metal head; however, the metal heads can get hot and could burn if you are not careful.

It is ideal for users who want more productivity in steaming and less tiring for its ease of use.

  • Materials are durable and long lasting
  • Easy to use and safe
  • A 3 to 4-gallon water container that allows a 1.5 hour use
  • No lock on wheels
  • Plastic head is less durable than metal; metal head can get hot

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Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet Steamer

The Rowena IS6300 offers convenience in garment steaming. Its design allows for efficient output, long time usage, and an adjustable telescopic pole to suit the height of the user.

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Water Tank Capacity

The device has a large, transparent, and removable water tank that makes it easy to check the water level and fits the sink for water refilling. The large water tank capacity enables an hour-long of steaming.


The tool uses 1550 watt power designed for quick, easy, and fatigue-less crease removal. It is convenient to operate by foot with an on-off switch and a red light button that indicates it is ready for use.

Storage and support

A new feature is a roll and press, vertical support which makes the unit simple to set-up and store. This feature eliminates the swing movement of the garment when steamed and frees one hand for convenience.

The steam output is powerful and may cause the steam head to become hot to handle. You can prevent hand burns by wearing a glove while steaming.

The hose’s average length restricts reach and can pose difficulties in steaming drapes and curtains. The hose tends to form kinks when lowered though this is easy to untangle.

The 1550 watt power makes start up fast in just one minute. This feature makes the unit preferred by users on the go.

  • Extra large and transparent water container
  • Powerful steam output
  • Easy storage and support
  • Steam head can become hot
  • Hose length restricts reach

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Rowenta IS9100 Precision Valet Steamer

The Rowenta IS9100 is the latest model of steam irons of Rowenta products. The advances in technology and the company’s years of experience give the users assurance of this unit’s performance.

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The 1550 watt power capacity allows for a quick start in one minute. The product features high steam output with variable steam control for steam output adjustment. Its steam head was designed for a wide diffusion for efficiency.


Its design makes storage easy. The retractable cord is easy to store; you can adjust the telescopic pole and slide it down for storage. It includes a board tool storage compartment for attachments.

Easy functionality

It is easy to operate through a foot pedal, has an adjustable telescopic pole and a cord that could reach the desired length of the user. The tilt and roll mechanism makes the unit portable.

The unit may disappoint a user who expects a backboard support for pressing. The product does not include this accessory, but the design is to free one hand for maneuverability of fabric.

The steam head could get hot due to its power wattage. You can avoid this by wearing a glove or by not going all the way down the hem of the shirt when steaming.

This garment steamer heats faster, easy to set-up, and store. If you are the type who prefers efficient product performance, a quick start, and ease of storage, then get this unit.

  • Quick start-up and a variable steam control
  • Retractable cord and adjustable telescopic pole
  • Foot pedal for convenient operation of the unit
  • No blackboard support
  • Steam head could get hot

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PurSteam PS-910 Fabric Steamer

The PurSteam PS-910 is made of sturdy materials that do not affect the unit’s versatility. The product includes attachments that enhance the unit’s functionality, allowing for the removal of creases in difficult parts of the garment.

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Ease of use

Handheld steam board and other attachments make the removal of wrinkles from cuffs, collars, and pockets easier. Clips and hook hangers attached to the steam cradle make steaming more convenient.


You need not worry about steaming delicate fabrics with the plastic steam nozzle. The drain outlet located at the bottom of the container makes it convenient for regular refilling, which prolongs the unit’s life with the removal of accumulated sludge.


You feel safe in handling the device with its dual insulation system that protects the steam hose. The on-off switch at the bottom removes the need for a battery at the steam nozzle.

Plastic materials may prove less durable than metals. Care in handling the unit could help to prolong its life and allow for maximum efficiency in usage.

Hose length is adequate for garments and drapes, but you might find the length inadequate for steaming around furniture and upholstery.

The gentle steam produced by this product makes it ideal for the user with a collection of sensitive fabric and garments.

  • Equipped with handheld steam board and crease attachments
  • Plastic steam nozzle gentle with delicate fabric
  • Safe to use with its dual insulated steam hose
  • Plastic materials less durable than metal
  • Length of hose not adequate for working around furniture and upholstery

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Shark Press and Refresh (GS500)

The Shark GS500 comes equipped with a steaming board and a professional steam power. Along with its portability, this product is the first of its kind in the garment steamer market.

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This product has an exclusive patent for its wrinkle eraser feature, making it ideal for removing unwanted creases from delicate and hard fabric. The accessories that go with the product enhances its performance in addressing the user’s needs.

Power capacity

It operates on a 1580 watt power which enables powerful steam, accounting for easy start-up in 60 seconds and increasing heat to 320F in two minutes. This heat feature enables the product to work on heavy materials.

Enhancing accessories and attachment

This product comes equipped with an array of accessories that add to its high functionality. The long cord length makes access to long drapes and working around an upholstery easier.

The product has no automatic shut-off mechanism, which necessitates caution on your part when the water level runs low. You need to shut off the device manually after usage.

Condensation tends to form on the steam guard during extended usage. You may have to wipe the steam guard occasionally with a cloth.

It is ideal for travelers who are looking for portable garment steamers, and a professional look in their attires.

  • A patented wrinkle eraser feature
  • Power capacity that allows for quick start-up
  • Accessories and attachments that enhance functionality
  • Tends to form condensation during extended usage
  • Does not have automatic on-off mechanism

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Today’s technology paved the way for garment steamer to replace steam iron due to its performance and functionality. The design and structure of these garment steamers vary for each type and model to address the different preferences of users.

Before you decide on a steamer product, it is wise to know the features and functions of each type and model. This information will help you choose the best product and allow you to work with satisfaction and productivity.

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