Best Snow Blowers

The accumulation of snow in ones driveway during the winter season is a problem that millions of people suffer every year. You should be prepared to equip your home with the best snow blower that you can find.

A machine’s engine power source and whether or not it has adjustable chute mechanisms are the key things one should look for when selecting a snow blower.

When you find these characteristics in a device, your snow clearing experience will be easier and faster. You will wish that it will be a snowy day so you can take your snow blower out of storage.

Snow Joe Ion Cordless Snow Blower (iON18SB)

Snow Joe LLC has been developing outdoor tools designed to help in completing household chores for the past few years. Among its latest innovation is a battery-operated snow blower called the Snow Joe iON.

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As a lithium ion battery-operated and rechargeable machine, Snow Joe iON1SB is the first of its kind from the brand. The battery allows 50 to 60 minutes of continued use.

It is entirely cordless since you do not have to connect it to a wall socket. Without lugging around an electric cord, you will have more time on keeping the snow off your driveway.

Working with it is also easier since it comes with a rotating snow chute. You can direct the captured snow at any direction that is 180º from you and your driveway.

The Snow Joe iON only has a limited run time of about fifty minutes. Yet, that is enough to remove at least 4 inches of snow in a one to two car driveway.

For heavy snowfall or bigger driveway, this may not be the right snow blower since it is not as powerful as an electric snow thrower.

The Snow Joe iON is best suited for homeowners who have small driveways, decks, or outdoor patios. It is also suitable for those who live in areas that do not get heavy snow.

  • Rechargeable Battery-Powered Machine
  • Cordless Machine
  • With Rotary Snow Chute
  • Limited Run Time
  • Not As Powerful as Electric Snow Blowers

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Husqvarna ST224 Snowthrower

Husqvarna is one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor power tools in the United States today. The company produces both electric and gas-powered snow throwers like the Husqvarna ST224 Snow Thrower.

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The ST224 is a gas-powered snow blower that can store up to 2.7 liters of fuel and power a 208cc engine. You can use the machine for as long as you want without needing to recharge the unit.

It works well for 2 to 12 inches of snow buildup that likely result from a mild snow storm or an overnight snow accumulation. It can suck up light snow to wet slushy snow.

Its design also includes a rotary snow chute and deflector. The accumulated snow is conveniently thrown out of the path you are clearing.

A downside of the Husqvarna ST224 is that it does not come with power steering. This can be easily remedied by purchasing a Husqvarna model with the power steering option.

It is difficult to carry around since it weighs up to 240 pounds. But don’t let this dishearten you, as the machine makes up for this with its performance.

The Husqvarna ST224 is ideal for homes or small offices with long driveways or pavements. It is also best for households in areas that typically get up to 12 inches of snow per day during winter.

  • Gas-Powered Machine
  • Great for Heavier Snowfall Conditions
  • Includes Rotating Snow Chute
  • Doesn’t have Power Steering
  • Can Be Heavy To Lug Around

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Toro 1800 Electric Snow Blower (38381)

Toro has been producing snow blowers and other power tools for more than ten years. In recent years, it has branched out to create electric outdoor tools like the Toro 1800 Electric Snow Blower.

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The Toro model 38381 is propelled by a 15 Amp motor. It can blow away up to 18 inches of snow at a time, translating to less time spent clearing snow.

It is made of lightweight and easy to clean materials. It does not have the additional engine weight of a gas-guzzling snow thrower so you can easily transport the unit anywhere in your driveway.

It has a snow chute lever that you can adjust if you want the snow chute to face left or right. This is something helpful if you don’t want to keep shooting snow right at your neighbor’s property.

Since the unit is electric-powered, you may need to use extension cords if your driveway is some distance away from your home’s power outlet.

It is not as powerful as a gas-powered snow blower. Even so, it is an ideal replacement if you want an environmentally-friendlier way to shovel snow away.

The Toro Electric Snow Blower is best suited for most residential homes looking to clear 5 to 12 inches of snow from their driveways or walkways.

  • Electric-powered Machine
  • Lightweight and Easy To Clean
  • Includes Snow Chute Lever
  • You May Have to Use Extension Cords
  • Not as Powerful as Gas-Powered Machines 

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Power Smart Snow Thrower (DB7651)

Power Smart is one of the frontrunners in heavy-duty household power tools production in the United States today. One of its products is the Power Smart DB7651 24-inch Two-Stage Snow Thrower.

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It comes with a 208cc gas-powered engine. It has enough horsepower that can clear up to 24 inches of snow, something ideal for clearing snow after blizzards.

The Power Smart DB7651 snow blower also comes with four different engine speeds. This feature allows you to change directions of your snow blower at any time effortlessly.

Its snow chutes can also be remotely adjusted through the control panel in the unit’s handle. This feature is helpful if you want to clear a path of snow in your driveway without spreading snow to your neighbor’s yard.

As a gas-powered unit, the Power Smart snow blower is loud when used. It is recommended to use an ear muff if you are not accustomed to the noise.

It weighs about 180 pounds. With the added weight of the fuel, it can become heavier and more difficult to lug around your driveway.

It is best suited for homes with larger driveways. It is also suited for those living in areas that regularly get elevated snow levels.

  • Powerful Gas-Powered Engine
  • Comes With Different Engine Speeds
  • Includes Rotating Snow Chutes and Adjustable Snow Direction and Height
  • Unit Can Be Loud
  • Can Be Heavy and Difficult To Maneuver 

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Snow Joe Ultra Electric Snow Thrower (SJ623E)

Snow Joe and Sun Joe LLC have crafted their niche around the outdoor tools industry. To date, one of their most powerful creations is the Snow Joe Ultra Electric Snow Thrower.

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The Snow Joe SJ623E is an electric-powered snow blower with a 15 Amp motor. The machine can throw snow at a rate of 720 pounds per minute. It means spending lesser time out in the freezing cold weather.

It comes with a 20 Watts Halogen lamp. This can be beneficial when you need to clear snow at night or in low light.

It has easy-glide wheels. This allows you to maneuver the unit around your driveway easily and efficiently without damaging your pavement or patio floors.

The Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E does not come with an extension cord. You may need to purchase additional cords that can withstand the cold weather if you intend to use the unit far from the nearest wall outlet.

It might also be difficult to lug the machine around your extended driveway owing to the extension cord that it’s tethered to.

The Snow Joe SJ623E is ideal for homeowners who want an electric snow thrower that is powerful enough to clear snow in midsized walkways or driveways.

  • Electric-Powered Snow Blower With Powerful Motor
  • Includes Halogen Headlight
  • Has Easy-Glide Wheels
  • Does Not Come With Extension Cord
  • Can Be Difficult To Drag Around

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With all these knowledge in mind, you can be assured that you will be selecting the best snow blower for your own household. It can be a gas-, electric-, or battery-powered one.

The right snow blower for you is the one that will best fit you and your families’ needs. This guide will help you make that informed choice.


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