Should You Get A Foot Bath Detox?

Ever wonder why whenever you go to a spa, the first thing the staff does is to prepare a basin where you can soak your feet in water? Many would say that by simply soaking feet in warm water, you can experience relief in more ways than one. Some would even claim that a more advanced version called the foot bath detox eliminates toxins and cleanses the body. So, what is this detox and how is it done? 

What It Is And How It Is Done

It’s a treatment which consists of a small deep basin for your feet, lukewarm saltwater and low-voltage electrical currents, the latter providing positive and negative ions.

When the feet are immersed in the basin, the negative ions in the salt water are said to enter the body with the full purpose of eliminating toxins in the body.

The effectiveness of this process can be shown when the water changes its color. – at least that’s what those who perform these services claim. There is a chart that interprets the color and what part of the body has been cleansed such as brown for liver or yellow for kidney.


There are many attributed pros and benefits to using the detox.

Several popular benefits include an increase in one’s energy, an improvement in sleep patterns, an enhancement in liver and kidney functions and even improvements in one’s skin and quite possibly blood pressure control.

Then there is the notion of simply having your aching feet immersed in the water and taking deep calming breaths.


While many would claim that it does eliminate the toxins and improves one’s vitals, others say it is something much more deceptive.

Others say that it is a scam and the so called chart interpretation is purely fabricated. The change in the water’s color can be explained by how it reacts to the various metals in the footbath.

But perhaps the most important claim as to why some consider this as a scam is the fact that it is quite expensive; with varying prices ranging from $70 to almost $100 per session.

Thoughts To Consider

So what is it really? Is it really a new holistic method of curing any form of ailment? Or is it a deceitful way of scamming a person of their finances with false promises of improved health?

Some may say it makes them youthful and active. Others say it improves their blood pressure and lowers glucose levels. Some would say it is a far better alternative to overly priced spa and sauna treatments.

And there will be some who will argue that it is purely a lie and nothing but a sham.


In this age of holistic and therapeutic methods, one would say that the foot bath detox is neither good nor bad.

But rather, its function and results have varying effects on different users.

On the positive side, it gives users a sense of having a clean and fully detoxified body.

On the negative side, it gives users the uncomfortable feeling of being misled by both fad and hear say.

Whatever the verdict, what is important is how it benefits the person’s overall bearing and general health.

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