Best Foot Bath

Best Foot Bath

Wouldn′t it be nice if your feet got some tender loving care after a long day of walking? A footbath is among the best ways to give your aching feet the TLC it needs. Footbaths also come with a detoxifying function to refresh tired soles. Soak up your feet and let the stress go away.

There is no need to shell out money for an authentic foot spa experience. Footbath machines bring the spa treatment to the comfort of your own home. The combination of heat treatment and massage is guaranteed to give you a relaxing time—at the fraction of the cost.

Carepeutic Ozone Waterfall Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager


Carepeutic is a leading manufacturer of bath massagers, featuring their signature ozone benefits. Their products aim to relieve pain and soreness in various body areas.

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Easy to use. The unit comes with a user-friendly control panel. You can enjoy its multiple programs, so you can choose which setting is right for you. The instruction manual is straightforward, too.

Great temperature control. You just need to set the temperature according to your preferences, and the machine will heat the water and keep it at the set temperature.

Perfect room for your feet. The rollers are situated in an ideal location, where they hit the insteps and balls of the foot during massages. The feet are free to move around, so you can also massage your heels.

Adjustable execution. You can turn the bubbles on and off as you wish, along with all other options. The timer is the only feature, which is not adjustable (you have to turn it off).

Incomplete drainage. The unit does not fully drain, and some of the water tend to cycle (back) to the jets and the waterfall. Water may also come out of the vertical connecting tube from time to time.

Water pools. Occasionally, you will notice some water under the rollers. However, you can drain this easily by tipping the unit manually.

This unit is ideal for anyone who has had a long day of work and wants to come home to a comforting massage. Because it is DIY-able and straightforward, anyone can set it up at home.

  • Easy to use
  • Great temperature control
  • Perfect room for your feet
  • Adjustable execution
  • Incomplete drainage
  • Water pools

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Kendal Deep Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager


Kendal is a manufacturer of high-grade machinery, such as bath massagers, microdermabrasion machines, soldering irons, and many more.

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Sufficient room. The unit has a deep enough tank that you can submerge your calves and feet in the water, letting you get comfortable and relaxed while getting rid of your fatigue and stress.

Good for health. The bath massager can enhance your metabolism and circulation, so that you are only left relaxed and refreshed afterwards.

Convenient heating. The PTC heating semiconductors are DuPont-made, which guarantees quick heating and consistent temperature regulation throughout use.

Completely safe. The unit comes with multiple insulation, giving you complete safety during use. The unit can resist high temperatures, too, since it is made of durable plastic.

Can be too heavy. Because of its depth and size, the unit can be heavy for other users, which is an inconvenience when emptying the water.

Rollers won’t work on all surfaces. While the rollers can work perfectly fine on ceramic floors, you may encounter some difficulties on carpeted surfaces.

This product is ideal for everybody. If you need a good, relaxing leg and foot massage at the end of the day, this is a good fit for you.

  • Sufficient room
  • Good for health
  • Convenient heating
  • Completely safe
  • Can be too heavy
  • Rollers won’t work on all surfaces

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Brookstone Heated Aqua-Jet Foot Spa


Brookstone is a manufacturer and retailer of household and health care items, such as foot massagers, hair dryers, baby monitors, and a lot more.

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Good for tired feet. The massaging action is ideal for relaxing tired feet and relieving the tightness in your muscles, increasing the overall circulation in the area.

Customizable speeds. Because the unit comes with rotating jets that you can adjust based on your preferences, you can customize your massage experience.

Convenient heating. The unit can heat water quickly – to as high as 115 degrees – and maintain it for a long period. This means you don’t have to keep adding hot water during your massage.

Powerful exfoliation. You also get (removable) pumice stones that are ideal if you want to exfoliate any dry or rough skin on your heels or foot pads.

Not compatible with bath salts. This is one downside that many may not appreciate, since bath salts are great additions to any bath experience.

Not compatible with liquid soaps. The liquid soap may clog the jets, so it isn’t suitable for use with this unit. This can change your mind, especially if you’re looking forward to having home pedicures.

This is a good product if all you need is a straightforward home foot massage. If the massage action and heated water are enough – and you don’t require bath salts or soaps – then this unit will do the job.

  • Good for tired feet
  • Customizable speeds
  • Convenient heating
  • Powerful exfoliation
  • Not compatible with bath salts
  • Not compatible with liquid soaps

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Hot Spa Ultimate Foot Bath


Hot Tools is a leading brand when it comes to beauty and personal care products, such as foot bath massagers, curling irons, hair dryers and other similar items.

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Great aeration. The unit’s water jets produce bubbles that can give you a deep and comfortable massage, giving you a relaxed and relieved sensation.

Efficient heating. The unit not only heats water quickly, it also works well in keeping it warm throughout the duration of your massage.

Includes various add-ons. The unit comes with detachable add-ons that allow you to enjoy its other features, such as massage rollers and pedicure add-ons. This gives you an experience beyond your regular foot spa.

Cleanup is a breeze. After you enjoy your massage, you don’t need to stress over cleanup and storage. The material is easy to wash and rinse, and its size makes it easy to store after use.

A bit noisy. The bubbles create some noise, which can be annoying for you if you plan to doze off while getting massaged. You can easily drown it out by some music or by turning your TV on.

Awkward controls. The manufacturer had good intentions, but the design (which requires you to use your foot or toes to switch between controls) falls a bit short. It would have been better if it was controlled by hand or had a remote control.

This is a foot bath product for the regular person. If you’re into something that is not too fancy, then it can be a good fit. It is also nice gift idea for someone close to you.

  • Great aeration
  • Efficient heating
  • Includes various add-ons
  • Cleanup is a breeze
  • A bit noisy
  • Awkward controls

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PIBBS Foot Bath Massager


PIBBS is a leading name in salon equipment. It produces hair dryers, foot spas and massagers, manicure stations, kids’ salon chairs, and a lot more.

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Sufficient room. The unit can hold a lot of water and there is plenty of room, even for people with bigger feet, both in width and length.

Durable construction. Right off the bat, you can tell that the unit is well-made. Upon further inspection and actual use, you’ll find out that it is durable and can last for a long time.

Invigorating operation. The massager has nubs at the bottom, which can be relaxing and rejuvenating. You can make these nub go up and down or adjust the softness and smoothness of the nubs as you desire.

Mess-free massages. The package includes a hood, which is optional during use. You can pop it on the unit to avoid splashes – especially if you prefer having a lot of water in your massager.

Non-user friendly instruction manual. The manual that comes with the unit can be improved by a mile, although you can figure out how to work the machine on your own pretty quickly – it’s straightforward and has easy controls.

Rigid plastic floor. There are some plastic points on the floor of the massager that can be quite harsh on the feet and skin. You can, however, use the rubber pads (included) to add cushion to your feet.

The foot massager is designed for salons and spas. So if you run a beauty and personal care establishment, having a bunch of these units will work well for you. They are good for individual and home use, too.

  • Sufficient room
  • Durable construction
  • Invigorating operation
  • Mess-free massages
  • Non-user friendly instruction manual
  • Rigid plastic floor

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