Easy Cleaning Tips & Tricks For A Clean Bathroom

At first glance, most would think that the bathroom is the area in the house that doesn’t require much attention. But not many realize the fact that the bathroom is the most frequently used area of them all.  And would you believe that not many people know how to clean a bathroom? The only thing they do is either mop it until it becomes dry or hire a professional cleaner; the latter costing almost as twice as the items in the bathroom.

Why do we need to clean the bathroom?

So why is it important to have a clean bathroom? For starters, the bathroom is where most bacteria and germs thrive. Because most people spend their times in the bathroom, there is the possibility that they are also breathing microorganisms that can potentially harm or even be fatal to the person. Another reason is quite simple. It’s simply for hygienic purposes. You wouldn’t want anyone else coming home to a smelly and dirty bathroom right?

Remove All Items First

First, remove toiletries and other bathroom accessories from the area. This includes soap dishes, dispensers, bottles of shampoo and other accessories.

This is so that when you are cleaning, you won’t have a hard time constantly lifting and transferring items.

Don’t forget to unplug the appliances such as the hair dryer or the electric shaver. This is for your safety; as anything wet that comes into contact with plugged appliances automatically generates currents that could be very harmful to you.

Have All The Tools Needed

Next, make sure you have all the necessary tools and cleaning aids.

These include rubber gloves, rags, face masks and even goggles; the latter being very important.

Especially when you will be handling highly toxic cleaning chemicals.

Start From The Bottom

The next step is quite simple. Start from the bottom – the tile floors.

Look in between each grout and see if there is dirt. If there is, thoroughly mop the tiles with hot water. The hot water will easily loosen any hard dirt.

Then slowly work your way to the sink, the toilet, the tub and shower. Take note of what needs to be done, such as polishing or replacing a leak.

Watch Out For Molds And Fungi

Be on the lookout for Molds and Fungi.

If there is a particular brown spot of dirt that doesn’t come off; chances are you might have the early signs of mold development.

Never hesitate to contact someone who is proficient in exterminating and fumigating molds. This must be done as early as possible in order to avoid further development.

Let Fresh Air In!

Once you’re finished, open a window and let some fresh air in as much as possible.

Let it circulate around the bathroom for at least 15 minutes. Especially if the bathroom has been exposed to various cleaning chemicals.


These are just some of the many ways on how to clean a bathroom. But of course, the most important tip for cleaning the bathroom is to make it a fun habit. After all, there are few things more gratifying than coming home to a clean and well maintained bathroom.

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