Are Baths Bad For You? How To Be Safe…

Everybody loves baths. Whether it be soaking yourself in the tub or simply standing underneath a shower, there is nothing quite refreshing than the daily bath. But is it possible that like many good things, are baths bad for you? Before understanding how baths can be bad, let’s delve into the reason why many love taking baths in the first place.

Why People Love Baths

For many, especially those who work long hours, having a bath the moment they come home is something of a psychological release from the day’s trials. One may also associate this love of baths with romanticized scenes in commercials and movies.

Taking a bath is both fun and hygienic.  But, as mentioned earlier, too much of a good thing can be very bad for you. So here are a few ways on how simple baths can actually become harmful to you

Skin Problems

Let’s start with dirty bath water. When having a bath, especially in a bathtub, one mustn’t forget the fact that beneath the suds and bubbles is a layer composed of water, dirt and bodily oils.

If you are constantly bathing in this water, the chances of developing rashes and various skin problems such as eczema is highly plausible.

What Hot Water Can Do

By all accounts, everyone loves soothing, hot baths. This is particularly due to hot water being used to scrub dirt away from the skin surface.

But what many don’t realize is that hot water can also cause second degree burns and scald a person’s bare skin, especially if the person has extremely sensitive skin.

It could damage several nerves in the body and in more serious cases, worsen skin diseases and open wounds. 

Pore Infections

Aside from hot water removing dirt from the skin’s surface, it can also open up the pores in the skin to remove any kind of dirt caught in between.

However, if your skin is sensitive to a particular ingredient in the shampoo or soap, it’s highly possible that it can directly irritate the dermis.

This would cause serious infections under the skin like folliculitis which may require immediate treatment such as surgery. 

Potentially Dangerous

And finally, there is no doubt that having a bath is quite relaxing and soothing.

However, because it easily makes a person quite relaxed, it can also make them drowsy and in some cases, fall asleep.

This could be very dangerous. Especially if they are either standing in the shower or resting in the tub; the latter having the highest potential for a person to drown.


So with all that said, are baths bad for you? To put it simply, if it is done in moderation and with complete awareness of one’s current environment, having a bath would be quite safe, healthy and enjoyable. It is also something that we, as human beings, cannot do without. So the next time you’re having a bath, always be vigilant in your surroundings and remember to just relax and enjoy it.

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