Best Humidifiers For Allergies

If you have allergies, you need to be in a place with high quality air all the time. The best humidifiers for allergies help you fulfill such need.

An ideal humidifier for allergic individuals should include long-lasting filters. With such filters, you don’t have to stress about replacing them again and again. If you don’t replace a less durable filter, it might become useless and spread pathogen quickly.

Humidifiers For Allergies Reviews

Ivation Ozone Air Humidifier

This can efficiently humidify rooms up to 3,500 square feet. It uses powerful ionic energy to improve the quality of air in the home and prevents possible irritants that may cause skin allergies and nasal congestion.

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Electric Cool Mist Humidifier

This humidifier utilizes reed oil refill to produce fragrant odors that provide relief for certain ailments such as allergies, colds, cough and flu. Its unique LED display provides comfort and relaxation as well.

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InvisiPure Wave Cool Mist Humidifier

The InvisiPure Wave  can a room for more than 24 hours straight thanks to its 2.5 liter tank capacity. Due to its low noise level, you can even use it in babies’ rooms. It also prevents the incidence of allergies, cracked lips and respiratory ailments.

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Avalon Premium Digital Humidifier

This humidifier has a five-liter tank capacity that can produce either a cool or a warm mist. It also contains an integrated filter that can be replaced to prevent the accumulation of germs and bad odors.

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Crane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

This machine efficiently purifies the air, thus providing relief to colds, cough, nasal congestion and allergies. It can be a potential option for over-the-counter drugs due to its antimicrobial capacity.

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VIASA Beauty Moisturizing Humidifier

This humidifier has the capacity to rejuvenate and protect the skin from any form of infection. It is ideal for small and medium rooms due to its lightweight design. It can also aid in stress prevention through its aromatic oils.

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Bionaire BUL9500B-U Ultrasonic Humidifier

This humidifier has three settings and is most appropriate to use in medium and large rooms. It has user-friendly, adjustable controls that help provide relaxation at the optimum level. It also has the ability to prevent antimicrobial growth.

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1 Gallon Cool Mist Humidifier

This humidifier can operate continuously for 70 hours and is most appropriate for medium-sized rooms. It contains different mist settings, a spinning nozzle and an anti-microbial tank to provide clean, allergen-free air.

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J-Deal Portable Humidifier

This humidifier is appropriate not only for air-conditioned rooms at home but also in the workplace and inside the car. It is easy and convenient to use. It can also alleviate flu symptoms as well as prevent skin infections.

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Perfect Aire PAU22 Tabletop Humidifier

This energy-star certified humidifier contains unique features such as an automatic shut-off valve, and modifiable output levels. Such features contribute to its quiet operation thereby promoting a more invigorating sleep.

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Types of Humidifier for Allergies 

Ultrasonic Warm Mist

It is perfect for soft water. It produces a warm and wet vapor, which helps moisten the air in a room. However, it is more prone to mineral buildup.

Ultrasonic Cool Mist

It works best in areas that struggle with hard water. The process of an ultrasonic cool mist is less prone to hard water buildup in the filter of the humidifier.

Evaporative Cool Mist

This type of humidifier is the simplest in design. It also has the most basic features and services. The water evaporates and the mist is being blown into the air. 

Steam Vaporizer Warm Mist

Steam vaporizer warm mist heats the moisture. It is a great way to improve clogged nasal passages. However, it should be cleaned regularly to prevent mold buildup.

Cool Mist Impeller

A cool mist impeller produces mist that easily unblocks clogged nose. Moreover, it is safe and easy to use. It can provide continuous steam too.

Air Washers

Air washers work by scrubbing the air that moves through it to improve air quality. They are part of air quality systems  and climate control. 

How to Choose the Best Humidifier for Allergies 


A humidifier for allergies must have the right capacity based on the needs of the users. Therefore, a large water tank capacity allows less refill and maintenance.


The style and type of humidifiers for allergies should be chosen carefully. It depends on the room, frequency of use and purpose. Look for the standard features and style before purchasing. 

Water Quality

Before purchasing a new humidifier for allergies, make sure that you know the quality of water that you are using. That’s because some water type need to be refilled more often and require frequent cleaning.

Type of Mist

Since the humidifiers are for people with allergies, it is an essential thing to choose the type of mist to be used. You can choose warm mist, cool mist, or both.


The quality of a humidifier for allergies should be considered all the time. Never purchase a unit that hasn’t been checked thoroughly to ensure safety.


Choose a unit that has longer product warranty to make sure that you’ll get the most out of it. Therefore, always ask for the manufacturer’s warranty.

Safety Tips in Using a Humidifier for Allergies

Always refer to the manufacturer’s guide when cleaning, operating and installing the humidifier. Following the instructions will ensure safety every time you operate your humidifier.

When cleaning the water tank, always use mild soap or detergent. Avoid harsh chemicals because it may affect the quality of mist that will be produced.

Never allow children and pets to go near the humidifier unit to ensure safety especially when it is in use. Moreover, never leave the unit unattended.

Regular cleaning of the humidifier is a must. Follow the manual to know the best time when to clean the unit. That way, molds, dirt and germs will be avoided.

Always use clean water when refilling the water tank. Don’t forget to check the quality of water to see if it matches the humidifier unit.

When a damaged part is noticed, replace it immediately. Moreover, call the manufacturer about the issue so they can advise you about the best thing that you can do.

Frequently Asked Questions About Humidifier 

Why do I need a humidifier? Humidifiers make dry air moist and more comfortable by improving indoor humidity level. When the air is dry, it contributes to the health symptoms such as dry sinus passages and sore throat.

How much energy does a humidifier use? It depends on the factors such as humidification speed setting, number of hours you use the unit each day, your electricity rate and the type of humidifier.

What is the difference between humidifier capacity and capacity? Humidifier capacity refers to the maximum moisture output a unit produces per day. Capacity refers to the amount of water the water tank can hold.

What size of humidifier for allergies do I need? The size of the humidifier depends on the square footage of the area. It is better to measure the approximate size of the room before purchasing a humidifier.

What humidity level should I maintain? An ideal humidity level should not exceed 50%. Above 50% humidity level makes a breeding ground for bacteria, molds and other pests.

Can I use hard water to fill my humidifier? Yes, but hard water requires a filter that needs to be cleaned regularly. This is to prevent mineral buildup inside the water tank.

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