Best Space Heaters For Large Rooms

The use of the best space heaters for large rooms is a money- and power-saving way of heating your home during the cold times. You can use a space heater to minimize the costs of using your central heating system.

A space heater for a large room has higher wattage than one meant for a small room. However, an ideal space heater should have different wattage settings to match different heating preferences.

Space Heaters For Large Rooms Reviews

DeLonghi TRD40615E Full Room Radiant Heater

It uses 1,500 watts of power in order to heat up medium and large rooms. It is made of strong steel and doesn’t require frequent refilling. It also has thermal chimneys that help in the maximization of heat flow.

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Lasko 5409 Oscillating Ceramic Heater

This heater has three settings: fan, low and high heat. It is most appropriate for tabletops or floors and contains user-friendly controls and a carry handle. It also utilizes 1,500 watts of power enough to provide warmth to large rooms.

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Dr. Infrared Portable Space Heater

This rather small space heater can actually heat large rooms quite efficiently using its auto-energy saving feature. The Dr. Infrared space heater also comes with a IR remote control, an integrated high-pressure blower and an electronic thermostat. It automatically shuts off after 12 hours and has a relatively low noise level.

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Porpora Portable Fan Heater

This heater contains two settings: a 1,500-watt high setting and a 750-watt low setting. Its lightweight design is appropriate for use in any room at home. It utilizes low power to help save energy and prevent circuit breaker tripping.

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Westinghouse WHD101B Desktop Heater

This heater contains four settings: off, fan, low, and high. It possesses safety features such as an internal fuse and a tip over switch. It also contains additional parts, namely, a power indicator light and a 6.5 feet power cord.

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Holmes Portable Desktop Heater

This heater contains two settings: heat and fan only. It can be used for the whole year. It also contains user-friendly controls and a built-in handle. It can automatically shut off even if left unattended.

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Dyna-Glo TT360DG 4000 Tank Top Heater

This makes use of a liquid propane tank and contains a tip-over switch and an automatic valve to prevent gas leaks. It is made of rust-proof material making it durable for use in large rooms of about 1,000 square feet.

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Dura Heat Single Radiant Tank Top Heater

This heater also utilizes a liquid propane tank and contains a safety shut-off valve. Its strong steel design allows the machine to provide warmth to room sizes of about 700 square feet.

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Mr. Heater MH30T Double Tank Top Heater

This utilizes radiant heat that circulates in large rooms efficiently, and as an added feature, the MH30T can also be used outdoors. It is lightweight yet long-lasting in terms of its design and can be used for the whole year.

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Sunbeam Electric Space Heater Fan

This heater has a 2-in-1 fan that you can hang on the wall to save space. It also contains a thermostat that can be adjusted accordingly.

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Types of Space Heater for Large Room 

Electric Convection Heater

Electric convection heaters are best used in closed spaces. The air from the room passes by the heating element inside the machine, then absorbs the heat and transport the heat throughout the room.

Electric Radiant Heater

This type of heater transforms electricity into infrared radiation, which warms the area directly. This heater features easy-to-use features and just a few moving parts.

Vented Combustion Heater

Vented combustion heaters use propane and oil to fully operate. Moreover, these heaters require permanent installation in a room, which makes it a bit costly. However, it is a powerful machine that can make a large room warm.

Unvented Combustion Heater

These heaters burn fuel to give off heat, then release by-products directly into the room. They are less expensive and are easier to install compared to vented combustion heaters.

Wall Heater

It is also known as a forced fan heater. It uses a combination of heating elements and a fan that helps circulate the heated air throughout a large room.

Heat Pump

A heat pump is an energy-efficient option for heating a room. It may be a costly machine to install but it is inexpensive to operate.

How to Choose the Best Space Heater 


The size of a space heater matters to a large room. It is better to pick a heater that can handle the room size to distribute the heat evenly.


It is important to ensure the safety of the people around every time that a space heater is on. Auto-shutoff is a perfect feature to avoid overheating.


Portable space heaters but can still warm a large area are a good choice. Heaters that can be easily lifted or can be moved using the wheels are more convenient to use.

Control Settings

A space heater must have a controlled setting that can easily adjust the heat settings every time. In addition, this feature must give convenience to users.


Any machine must have a product warranty. Always seek for the manufacturer’s instruction to have the full information about the repair service and replacements.


Heaters that have been tested by a recognized testing laboratory are a good choice. This ensures that the heaters meet safety standards and quality checks.

Tips in Using a Space Heater

Accidents can’t be avoided. Unmonitored burning or heat setting may cause overheating, fire, and accidents. Therefore, never leave a space heater when it is in use. 

When using a space heater at home, keep it away from bedding, furniture, paper, drapes, or clothes. Clear at least 3 ft. circumference around the heater.

Do not overload the plug because it may catch fire. Furthermore, always place the space heater on a stable surface to keep it steady all the time.

Always refer to the instructional manual provided by the manufacturer when operating and troubleshooting the space heater. Follow the proper ways of using the heater.

Make sure that the heating element or the flame area has a guard around it. This is to make sure that children and pets will be kept away from the heat source.

Keep the space heater away from debris and dust. Make sure to maintain and clean the heater regularly according to the instruction to extend its life.

Advantages of Using a Space Heater for Large Room

Space heaters are essential machines at home during cold seasons. The following are a few advantages of using a space heater for a large room.

Space heaters run efficiently. Therefore, everyone has to stop worrying about wasting energy. This will surely help in saving money on heating costs even for a large room.

Space heaters improve indoor air quality. In addition, most units have multi-stage filtration that can reduce particulates, bacteria, dust, pollen, and allergens in the air.

They are easy and quick to install at home or at any other large rooms. Homeowners don’t have to worry about rebuilding ceilings and walls around the space heater.

Space heaters offer flexible solutions. They can be installed anywhere to improve temperature control in a specific room or building. Furthermore, the controllable settings make it more convenient to use.

They are easy to maintain and clean. Like other machines, space heaters can be maintained by keeping it away from dust and debris. Simple cleaning procedures can be done in real-time.

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