Effective Ways to Make Your Home More Secured

Do you feel secured inside your home? Are there times that you wake up late at night because of strange noises in your backyard?

Millions of burglaries are reported each year. This only means that not every house is safe. Fortunately, this article will guide you on how to secure your home, whether you leave for a trip or you’re just in your bed.


Locking your doors and windows is the first thing to do to prevent burglars in entering your house. Tell your family to make locking every door and window a habit.

A burglar can kick your door or disable the lock. Thus, make sure that you have sturdy doors and locks that can’t be easily broken.

The door should be made of metal or solid wood. Moreover, you should have a heavy-duty strike plate with four long screws.

Furthermore, you can purchase a knob-in-lock set or a deadbolt lock for more security. Reliable door locks should do the trick.

Lights On

Although many burglaries happened during the day, night time is still a better timing for burglars. So, to avoid of being a target of burglary, learn to keep the lights on inside and outside your house.

Keeping the lights on at night will be helpful. Intruders might think that you are still awake, so they’ll leave your house alone.

Lights outside your house can scare away your intruders too. However, many burglars used to watch the daily routines of their targets.

That way, they can easily determine if you are home or away. Then, they’ll look for a perfect timing to break into your house.

You as the owner need to do some practical tricks to keep the burglars out. You could get a timer and set your lights to go on at a specific time during the day and off at a certain time at night.

It would help in giving the burglar a hard time thinking about your daily schedule. You may do this too if you are planning to go out of town for a while.

In addition, make sure that the lights in your backyard or garden could light even your structures or plants that could be hiding places for intruders.


Placing your house keys under the door mat or under the pot is not a good idea. It’s probably fine years ago; but now, you have to change it up.

Hiding your keys anywhere around the house where it is too common, is like inviting burglars to come inside your house. As much as possible, don’t leave any spare key.

You can leave it to your most trusted neighbor. So that in case of emergency, you can simply run into them.

But if there will be a time that you must leave your key somewhere, be creative. You can ask a friend to guess where you could probably hide your key.

If he answers it correctly on the first try, you must change the location immediately. Think of something that will not be too obvious.


Believe it or not, social media can be a burglar’s way of robbing your house. Posting status on social networking sites like Facebook may seem harmless

What you don’t know is that thieves can stalk your profile. Because you only want to update your friends and family, there are times that you can’t notice these little possibilities.

Unfortunately, your posts showing that you’re not home attract burglars. It gives them a chance to break into your house knowing that no one will interrupt their activity.

Therefore, it is much safer if you keep your whereabouts privately; especially in social networks. If you want to inform your family and close colleagues, give them a phone call.

Alarm System

Another thing that you can do to keep your home secure is to invest in an alarm system. Reports show that houses without alarm systems are more likely to be robbed than those who have one.

Try to look for a system that has a separate keypad and control panel. That way, it will be more difficult for intruders to defeat or break the alarm system.

Following these tips can assure you that you will prevent intruders from breaking into your house. I hope this article gives you the idea on how to secure your home. Feel free to share it.

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