Best Pool Pumps

Pool pumps are the heart of any pool system. It circulates the water in the pool, carrying it through the chlorinator, heater, and filter. The best pool pump does this without breaking down under the strain.

Ideally, a pool pump should be quiet and energy efficient. It should also have a strong motor to make sure water is pumped properly.

By getting the best pump for your needs, you can enjoy your pool without algae and bacteria. It will also make sure your pool is evenly heated, and that chemicals are also evenly distributed.

Pentair IntelliFlo

Pentair is a multinational company that creates and distributes water treatment and other water-related equipment. Aside from this pump, it creates water filters, spa equipment , and the like.

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The IntelliFlo pump is an energy efficient product which provides as much as 90% savings over other models of the same capacity. This gives you greater savings in your electric bill even if you constantly use the pool.

To achieve the dramatic energy savings, the pump lets you program up to 8 speeds. Therefore, you can run the pump at slower speeds, then switch to higher speeds for more aggressive water circulation.

The pump also has built-in diagnostics that checks the integrity of its parts. This helps give the device a longer service life.

One of the issues with the product is its short warranty life. For its price, a self-install would only give you 2 months of warranty. The advertised 3-year warranty is only available when contacting authorized installers.

Another common problem with the IntelliFlo is its motor’s durability. The motor is not as hardy other models, and may develop a whining sound after about a year of use.

Overall, the product is best suited for those who do not use their pools too frequently. The energy consumption will be almost negligible, and the infrequent use would greatly reduce the likelihood of the motor failing.

  • Large electricity savings of up to 90%
  • 8 speeds to choose from, for different situations
  • Built-in diagnostics for a longer life
  • Short warranty life if self-installed
  • Relatively weak motor

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Hayward SP2302 VSP

Hayward is a company that aims to produce efficient and environmentally responsible pool products. Its products range from pumps to filters to valves and accessories.

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Their pump is also Energy Star certified and runs efficiently at any speed. It is an industry leader in this segment.

Aside from this, the machine has a durable motor whose cooling fan has a completely enclosed structure. This and the motor’s permanent magnet allows for increased reliability.

Furthermore, a large basket provides a larger area for the collection of leaves, dirt, and other floating debris. This makes cleaning easier, with longer periods in between.

One of the downsides of the pump is the poor documentation that comes with it. It takes a significant amount of trial and error before first-time users can effectively use the pump.

Despite the strong motor, the electronics that come with it is not as durable. These electronics control the motor, and the entire machine dies when they fail.

The pump is recommended for those in cooler climates. Extended operating times during the summer season can take a toll on the electronics, causing a need to reprogram the pump often.

  • Energy Star certified, with great energy savings
  • Durable motor with enclosed fan and permanent magnets
  • Large basket for dirt collection
  • Poor documentation
  • Weak electronics connected to the motor

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Pentair SuperFlo

Here is another product in Pentair’s line, this time a single-speed pump. While it doesn’t net as much electrical savings, it has a much lower up-front cost.

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The design is good, as the product has thick walls and durable hydraulics for a longer service life. The motor is also engineered to withstand long operation hours.

To make cleaning easy, the strainer basket is oversized. This lets the pump collect more before having to be cleaned. The lid is also see-through, letting you assess the need for cleaning at a glance.

Speaking of the design, the SuperFlo operates quietly due to the good design of its internal flow. This reduces the noise generated when the water flows inside the machine.

Despite the engineering of the internal flow, it still eliminates the noise standard in a single-speed pump. An issue such as a problem with rear bearings can aggravate this largely.

Furthermore, the pump does not have a warranty on labor, only on parts. This makes it difficult to service the product in case of problems.

Overall, the pump is best for those who need a powerful motor, and those who are not concerned with a spike in their electricity bill.

  • Thick walls, durable hydraulics for a longer lifespan
  • Oversized basket with transparent cover for easier cleaning
  • Good internal flow design for reduced noise
  • Still noisy compared to variable-speed pumps, especially when structural problems arise
  • Warranty only covers parts, not labor

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Hayward SP1580X15

This pump is another Hayward offering, this time aimed at those who need single-speed, high-performance pumps. It is especially engineered for above-ground pools.

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The pump’s seals are drip-resistant and heat-proof, increasing the motor life. The housing is also corrosion proof and is made of thermoplastic.

Like the previous item on this list, the SP1580X15 offers an extra-large basket for debris. It also has a clear lid, making cleaning easier.

The pump also has a thermal overload protector, shutting down the motor in case it detects any abnormal conditions. This prevents motor damage in the long run.

Like many pumps, the main problem here is the warranty. It does not cover the pump bursting from extreme cold. There is no drain plug in the unit, so users have to drip the water manually by unhooking the pipes.

Warranty also only covers the parts if bought from an unauthorized dealer. In case of repair, the customer may have to shell out more than what the pump originally cost.

Because of the lack of drain plug, the pump is recommended only for snow-free areas. The pump would do well in areas that get tropical weather.

  • Drip-resistant, heat proof motor and corrosion-proof housing for all-weather durability
  • Extra-large basket and clear lid for easier cleaning
  • Overload protector to prevent motor damage
  • Warranty does not cover bursting due to extreme cold
  • Warranty only covers parts when bought from unauthorized dealers

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Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump

Intex is an Indian company that primarily creates products for recreational use. These products include airbeds, spas, and above-ground pools.

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This product is unique from the others in this list. Aside from regular pump features, it also comes with a sand filtration system that effectively cleans the water.

Because of its structure, the pump is also maintenance free. The sand in the pump has to be replaced only after 5 years, to keep the filtration process effective.

The product also comes with a garbage filter dump. This addition can greatly reduce the amount of contaminants in the water in a short span of time.

The main issue with the Intex pump is that its durability isn’t up to par with other brands. The housing is not as well-engineered, causing problems such as spillage of the sand into the pool.

The motor is also unable to take long hours of continued use. The motor has a tendency to get loud after some time. In other instances, it either dies or greatly loses pressure.

This pump is for those seeking a low-priced all-in-one approach to pumping and cleaning the pool water. Buyers must also have a little know-how, since the product does not use the same size of connectors that most pumps do.

  • Sand filter cleans water effectively
  • Pump is relatively maintenance free
  • Comes with a garbage filter dump for a cleaner pool water
  • Weak housing can cause sand spillage
  • Pump motor can fail easily under long hours of use

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There are many different pumps available in the market, and sometimes it can be a pain to choose. However, it’s always just a matter of knowing the product features and the conditions they will be used in.

Now you have the know-how in choosing among five of the best pool pumps in the market. Enjoy your swim time longer with just the right pump by your poolside.

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