Best Inflatable Hot Tub

The best inflatable hot tub saves you a lot of time, money and effort. It’s easy to set up than building a permanent one. It’s also portable and space-saving. You can relax in your hot tub indoors or outdoors.

Ease of inflation is a feature of an ideal inflatable hot tub. The material used should be capable of tolerating heat. Most of all, the inflatable tub should be able to carry your weight and the volume of water.

Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews

Coleman Lay Z

Coleman Lay Z has automatic start and stop timers. You can manually adjust it based on your preferences using the digital control panel. This bathtub can accommodate four to six people, and its TriTech material makes it more durable.

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Spa N-A-Box

Spa N-A-Box is a six-foot long bath tub that you can install in less than 20 minutes. It also has a built-in 100 micro air jets. Lastly, its 1000W thermostat water heater can heat water easily.

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Lifesmart Rock Solid

Lifesmart Rock Solid accommodates up to four people. It has a digital control panel where you can control the bubble jet, waterfall, and spa light. Its bottom section is made of sandstone while its perimeter is made of Sahara shells.

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Opar Inflatable Bath Tub

You can set up the Opar Inflatable Bath Tub anywhere with its durable craftsmanship and design. Its high-grade PVC material withstands most hard and sharp object at the bottom of the tub. As such, you can place it on any surface.

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Intex Swim Center

Intex Swim Center provides easy set-up through its two air chambers, supported with combo valves. It also has a drain plug and a repair patch for easy set-up and maintenance. Additionally, it has a built-in bench at the bottom.

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Leaf Net

Leaf Net is made of durable micro-mesh materials that prevent dirt from entering the bathtub. It measures 8.5 feet in diameter. Also, it is easy to fold so you can easily store or transport it.

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Intex PureSpa

Intex PureSpa contains a pre-installed water treatment system that purifies the water. After purification, you can easily replace its filter cartridge. Additionally, it has an insulated cover and lock mechanism to prevent heat loss.

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SaluSpa Palm Springs

SaluSpa Palm Springs is a 242-gallon bathtub that you can quickly set-up. It has a built-in water filtration system for easy cleaning. Also, you can also adjust its temperature using its rapid heating system.

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Pettom Foldable Bathing Tub

Pettom Foldable Bathing Tub is simple to set-up and use. You can easily fill, drain, and fold it when needed. Moreover, it is made of MDF and PVC materials—two of the best materials used for recreational, inflatable tools.

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Intime Swim Center Hot Inflatable Tub

Intime Swim Center Hot Inflatable Tub is an easy-to-setup bathtub made for babies and small children. It is made of PVC plastic. Moreover, it has a compact structure, which can help place and store the item when folded.

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How to Select Inflatable Hot Tub

Preferences for the ideal inflatable hot tub may vary from one person to another. Considering the following factors can help greatly with the decision-making process.

Determine the ideal size to buy. Estimate or measure the space where the inflatable hot tub will be placed. Even though it’s inflatable it will still take up space.

The main user of the merchandise should also be taken into consideration. Some inflatable hot tubs sold are packed with safety measures, especially if it’s meant for children. Skid-proof seats and flooring are ideal child-safety features.

The cleaning and storage procedures also vary for each product. Make sure to read carefully the labels to determine if it requires some kind of cleaning solution. Still, all inflatable hot tubs need to be scrubbed eventually.

If you’re sticking to a budget, browse other relevant items first. A good thing to do before the actual purchase is to compare prices from different stores or manufacturers. Consider all options to get the best out of your money.

When buying brand new inflatable hot tubs, pay attention to the warranty details. Durable and trusted units can have a warranty of up to one year. Others also offer repair warranties that can be extended by paying a certain cost.

Types of Inflatable Hot Tub

Inflatable hot tubs are cheaper alternatives to permanent ones. It provides the luxurious and inexpensive features of a bath tub without the trouble of installation. Listed below are the common types of inflatable hot tubs to choose from.

Some types of inflatable hot tubs are available with covers. This prevents children, pets and debris to get in the tub without the user’s notice. This is convenient because it doesn’t require the user to change the water often.

Modern types of inflatable hot tubs have digital features. High-end units like these make everything easier with the push of a button. Though this may appear to be stylish, digital versions actually cost more when it comes to repairs.

Different inflatable bath tubs may vary from each other when it comes to energy consumption. Motor power highly contributes to this factor. Choosing inflatable bath tubs with green energy-upgrades can save electricity.

The material or “make” of inflatable hot tubs also differ. Thick inflatable hot tubs come with insulation. This determines the temperature the unit can hold, which is very important for inflatable hot tubs.

There are also inflatable hot tubs with designs specific for party or certain occasions. These may cost higher depending on the aesthetic upgrade. Theymay be cup holders, ladders and underwater lights.

How to Maintain Your Inflatable Hot Tub

Inflatable hot tubs will let you enjoy a spa experience without the expense and the effort. But after using, follow these steps to keep your inflatable hot tub clean and ready for next use.

Inflatable hot tubs commonly include a floating chlorine dispenser. This is a good way to keep the tub free from algae. Sanitizing the water is a good start in keeping your unit clean.

Test the water’s pH levels using a testing kit. This can be bought or it may come free with your purchase of the tub. Alkaline granules can be added to the water if it doesn’t meet the suggested pH levels.

The filters keep the water clean, so try to keep them clean as well. Any accumulated dirt build-up should be removed or washed away. This may be checked once or twice a week depending on the usage.

Wipe the interior with soft cloth and mild soap. Never use harsh chemicals like bleach and strong detergents. This can damage the surface of the tub or create stains and scratches.

If the manual requires different maintenance instructions, it’s best to follow that. The manufacturers are the best people who can aid you with maintaining and extending the life of your product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these comfortable for little children?It is an inflatable hot tub made with padded materials inside and out. This is comfortable for little children.

Does the heating temperature have a limit?This will pertain to the instructions given in the manual. The temperature limit will be determined by certain factors as to how much heat the material can withstand.

Where is the best place to set up my inflatable tub?It is recommended to set it up in an even and smooth surface. Not doing so may puncture the hot tub and render it useless.

Are these applicable for use indoors?Yes, but there are prior precautions that require attention before indoor set up. Accidents can cause electrical damage if drainage indoors is not possible.

How do you set up inflatable hot tubs?It requires little effort to inflate. Most kits come with an air blower pump or an electric air pump.

How do I know if the tub is filled with too much air?Remember that when the temperature is hotter, air is bound to expand. Also, feel the unit by pinching or patting and let out some air if necessary.

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