Best Personal Humidifier

The best personal humidifier is a small, inexpensive yet helpful tool to use, especially during the winter. Your heater can result to dry air around you. The humidifier adds moisture to your air for your comfort and safety.

A good personal humidifier has a simple design for easy use and transport. It operates quietly yet efficiently. Its major component, the water reservoir, should be accessible for quick refilling.

Personal Humidifier Reviews

Aennon Ultrasonic Humidifier

This is a versatile gadget since it can also serve as a nebulizer, air ionizer and odor diffuser. It features a 7-color LED display to promote relaxation. It is safe for children and convenient to use anytime and anywhere.

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Cool Mist Travel Humidifier Stick

This personal humidifier by Deneve is powered by means of a USB and doesn’t require the use of a fan to produce pure, clean air. Its compact and spill-free design makes it ideal for carrying it anywhere.

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PureGlo Ultrasonic Mini Humidifier

This USB-powered humidifier operates quietly and is perfect for small rooms. It does not require frequent refilling since you can use any kind of water container like tumblers, mason jars, vases, or whatever you have. It also turns off automatically after eight hours to ensure safety and convenience.

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eBoTrade Cool Mist Humidifier

This portable humidifier effectively moisturizes the air through a touch-initiated switch. It automatically shuts off after six hours, thus guaranteeing safety and cost-efficiency. It can also work as an air freshener through the use of aromatic oils.

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Pure Guardian Ultrasonic Humidifier

This humidifier utilizes filter-free technology for cost-efficiency and convenience. It can operate for 15 to 70 hours straight. It also protects the home from growth of various microorganisms.

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Sokaton Mini Air Humidifier

This humidifier aids in air purification by means of an atomizing disc. The release of a fine mist allows the elimination of static electricity and reduction of radiation. It also provides comfort through its soft lighting.

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Motoraux Ultrasonic Air Desktop Humidifier

This USB-powered humidifier produces a fine mist, which provides relief to colds and flu while promoting a stress-free sleep. It is low voltage, which makes it safe for use in children’s rooms. It can easily be refilled as well.

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Cool Bottle USB Personal Humidifier

This pocket-size humidifier is convenient to use anytime and anywhere. The package contains small bottles for easy, mess-free refilling. It can also serve as an aroma diffuser and air ionizer.

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Fancii Cool Mist Mini Humidifier

This USB-powered humidifier uses a regular water bottle for refilling. It operates at less than 15 decibels, thus providing a more comfortable and peaceful sleep. It also contains an adjustable timer that shuts out every two hours.

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Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier

This personal humidifier also operates quietly and features a soft, glowing light to promote more relaxing sleep. It contains a medicine cup which enables the application of Vicks Vaposteam in order to release a soothing vapor.

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Types of Personal Humidifier 

Ultrasonic Warm/Cool Mist

An ultrasonic warm mister turns the water into vapor, which will be emitted into the air, where they increase humidity. It has a silent fan that pushes the mist up. 

Ultrasonic Cool Mist

An ultrasonic cool mist disperses a micro-fine cool mist into the air. Unlike the ultrasonic warm/cool mist, it has no heating function option that will produce warm mist. 

Evaporative Cool Mist

When using an evaporative cool mister, humidity is produced by a fan. The fan draws the air in from the room. Some of the water evaporates, then it is added into the air. 

Air Washers

Air washers add humidity and help clean the air in a room. These humidifiers remove dust particles. In addition, they have no problems with mineral dust but they require regular cleaning. 

Steam Vaporizer Warm Mist

Steam vaporizer warm mists have heating elements inside that heats the water before spreading it into the air. These help in killing bacteria, germs and other organic compounds. 

Cool Mist Impeller

It uses a spinning disc to disperse a cool mist. It does not use a filter so regular cleaning as well as distilled water is required.

How to Choose the Best Personal Humidifier 


Humidifiers for personal use are small and can be easily carried anywhere. Most humidifiers can be simply placed on the table, so the focus of the air will be on the user.


Most humidifiers generate as much noise as a vacuum cleaner. Therefore, one should consider if they can handle the noise of a humidifier for his personal use.


A humidifier should be from trusted manufacturer to ensure safety. It should also be made from high quality materials that will make it lasts longer. 


The capacity of the humidifier should also be considered. Knowing the amount of water that can be placed inside the water storage will guide the users on how long can it operate. 


An ideal humidifier should turn off automatically when the water reservoir becomes empty. Moreover, it is better if the unit can alert the user when it is running low. 


Like any other machines, humidifiers for personal use should be covered by a warranty. This guarantees that the manufacturer will repair or replace the product in case of malfunctions or factory defects.

Tips in Using a Personal Humidifier 

Most manufacturers recommend using clean tap water in a humidifier. However, it is better to use distilled water or filtered water for cool mist humidifiers.

A thorough cleaning procedure must be done regularly. One should follow the manufacturer’s instructional manual on how to clean and maintain the humidifier for safety purposes.

Do not attempt to operate a humidifier with a damaged cord or plug. Do not forget to unplug the unit when moving or cleaning it.

Maintain 50% humidity to prevent the growth of different microorganisms. This also prevents water damage at home or at work. A hygrometer will help in monitoring the humidity in a room.

Change the filter more often because hard water can be a problem. Do not forget to follow the instructions on how to change the filter correctly.

Keep the personal humidifier away from children and pets. For safety purposes, make sure to place the unit on a level and steady surface. 

Advantages of Using a Personal Humidifier

A humidifier disperses moisture into the air to alleviate the dry air. Therefore, it makes the area more comfortable. This makes a perfect companion during dry winter months.

A personal humidifier can be beneficial to people, nearby computers, home appliances and electronics. This is possible because humidifiers are known to reduce static electricity.

Personal humidifiers can increase the room or area’s freshness while alleviating indoor air. Moreover, they maintain consistent moisture level that protects furniture, wood floors, wallpaper and musical instruments.

Personal humidifiers help to lower electric bills. Thermostat can be set to a lower setting because moist air feels warmer than dry air. However, the user will still feel comfortable.

Humidifiers can soothe dry skin. Due to its moisturizing effect and benefits, one can have a smooth and moisturized face, hands and lips.

Personal humidifiers help in keeping the nasal passages moist. Therefore, they help in preventing nosebleeds. Humidifiers will be a great help for people who are experiencing regular nosebleeds.

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