Best Energy Efficient Portable Air Conditioner

To survive summer indoors, an air conditioner is necessary. It is necessary for optimal comfort. The best energy efficient portable air conditioner can also help save you from the costs even if you use it regularly.

An energy efficient portable air conditioner should pass the safety and energy efficiency standards set by the authorities in your country. It should be lightweight and compact for portability.

Energy Efficient Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

Whynter 14SH Dual Hose Air Conditioner

Whynter 14SH Dual Hose Air conditioner is CFC-free, making it environmentally friendly. It is also energy-efficient, and has a sturdy multi-directional dual hose for better user control. It also features a control panel in its LED screen display.

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LG Electronics LP1014WNR

LG Electronics LP1014WNR showcases LG’s unique heat pump technology. This air conditioner operates using 115V to cool a room measuring 600 square feet. It has an LCD display and a continuous auto-evaporation feature.

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DeLonghi Portable Air Conditioner

DeLonghi Portable Air Conditioner operates using 115 volts of power. Energy saving timer allows the device to operate on low power at certain times. This 13,000-BTU air conditioner has an LCD display where you can adjust to multiple fan speeds.

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NewAir AC-12000E

NewAir AC-12000E is an energy-efficient 12000 BTU air conditioner that can accommodate a 425 square feet room. It has auto-evaporative technology, designed for easy maintenance. Lastly, you can use its programmable timer to automate shut down and restart functions.

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SPT SF-614D promotes better cooling using its 3D cooling pad. It operates the system using a computer where you can adjust fan speeds. Lastly, its 7L water tank is more than enough for an entire day of air conditioning.

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Whynter ARC-142BX

Whynter ARC-142BX is a CFC-free, thus environmentally safe, 14,000-BTU air conditioner with four operational modes. This allows more flexibility depending on your preference. It also has the self-evaporation feature for automated maintenance.

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Global Air NPA1-08C

Global Air NPA1-08C is installed with a digital control panel for precise adjustments on temperature. It is made of 70% plastic, 20% copper, and 10% foam materials. It can keep a 200 square feet room cool through the day.

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Honeywell MN12CES

Honeywell MN12CES provides powerful air flow that can cool a 450 sq. ft. closed room. Also, it can dehumidify around 79.2 pints in a single day. It has a LED display in front for full control.

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Momoday Electric Personal Air Conditioner

Momoday Electric Personal Air Conditioner is energy-efficient and quiet. It activates and operates through battery or USB. You can choose from several adjustable operation modes based on the room area and conditioning needed.

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EdgeStar Air Conditioner

EdgeStar Air Conditioner can accommodate a 425 square feet area. Using its extendable hose, you can appropriate air conditioning into a single area. It also has a programmable thermostat that you can easily adjust.

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Types of Energy-Efficient Portable Air Conditioner

Energy-efficient portable air conditioners may seem similar but they actually have obvious differences. The following are some of the different types of energy-efficient air portable conditioners.

Portable air conditioners can vary depending on the type of exhaust attachment. Some units can have a hose where water is automatically released while others have a tub or pan.

Air conditioners work just like dehumidifiers. Energy-efficient portable air conditioners can collect the water from the air. Some units completely dehydrate the moisture to eliminate the need for disposal.

Portable air conditioners make a lot of noise. Some manufacturers include certain information regarding how loud their product can be. A decibel rating should provide the user ample information about this.

Asides from its energy-saving features, there are also portable air conditioners with additional specifications. Digital controls are a modern touch that will make the portable AC looks great in any room.

A handle or a set of wheels will make transport a lot easier. Energy-efficient portable air conditioners are best when they are easy to transfer from one room to another. This will vary depending on the unit.

Disadvantages of Energy Efficient Portable Air Conditioner

These kinds of portable air conditioners are beneficial in a lot of ways. But they are also accompanied by many limitations due to its size and capacity. Examples are the ones below:

Unlike big and complicated units, energy-efficient portable air conditioners tend to be a lot noisier. It is because the whole unit is situated in a single place unlike regular air conditioners.

Some energy-efficient portable air conditioners have a mechanical part that helps the unit to function the way it should. If the user is unaware when this part breaks, he may be eligible to pay for standard charges.

These units are also known to have difficult water management when it comes to drainage. The drainage is commonly a tube or a pan which needs to be emptied out every now and then.

They may be energy-efficient but portable air conditioners limit its own placement. Due to its size, it needs to be close to the user while it is also plugged into a power outlet.

Most of these units are designed to do what the box or label says. Even if the unit promises satisfactory results, energy-efficient portable air conditioners may not always meet everyone’s expectations.

How to Maintain Your Energy-Efficient Portable Air Conditioner

Knowing how to maintain your unit can save dollars on repair. Though the best tips on how to do that are found in the manual, here are some applicable tips for most units.

Take notice of the filter every once in a while. By doing so, you not only extend the life of your appliance but also cleans the air thoroughly.

It should only be plugged into appropriate power sources. Plugging the unit into a slightly inadequate source of power supply might damage the unit and render it useless.

Store your unit properly if it won’t be used for quite some time. Dust and other particles might get caught in the motor. This is likely to decrease the performance quality of the unit.

Consult professionals who are knowledgeable. If there’s a certain malfunction in the device, it’s better to have someone fromthe company to take a look at it.

Keep the outside as clean as possible. This should be done especially if the homeowner is cleaning in the same room. Stray dust from a nearby table might still enter the unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of unit is advisable for a windowless room?Units with hose drains are not recommended for windowless rooms. Filling tubs or pans are better since a hose would have no way out in a windowless room.

Are energy-efficient portable air conditioners good for heating too?Most customers rarely use their air conditioners for heating purposes. But unless the unit is not meant to release heat, it should work fine.

How heavy are these units?These are portable air conditioners. The standard weight should be light enough to be lifted or rolled on its own wheels.

What if the unit doesn’t have a decibel label?The sales assistant should be the best person to answer your question. You can also try out the unit in the store to see how much noise it makes.

Can this be used inside a tent?Units with exhaust hoses expel a lot of heat. Vent out the exhaust hose outside before zipping the tent closed to keep the warm air out.

My 1-year old unit only expels air and doesn’t cool the room anymore. What could be the problem?Wash the filter or have an expert look at it.

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