Best Air Purifier For Pet Dander

Believe it or not, there are more air contaminants in your home compared to outdoors. If you have a pet, animal dander is one of those contaminants. You need the best air purifier for pet dander to tackle the problem.

An ideal air purifier for pet dander should have a signal when it is time to toss the contents of the collector plate. Animal dander will end up in the said plate.

Air Purifier For Pet Dander Reviews

Germ Guardian AC4825


Germ Guardian AC4825 has true HEPA filter that can capture any allergens of at least 0.3 microns. Its UV-C technology, infused with titanium dioxide, can kill any airborne microbial organisms. Moreover, its charcoal filter eliminates odor.

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Winix WAC9500

Winix WAC9500 contains smart sensors that automatically detect the properties of the surrounding air. Using that information, the air purifier can adjust its performance accordingly. Additionally, its Plasma wave technology destroys harmful pollutants in the air.

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O-Ion B-1000

O-Ion B-1000 uses ultralow energy of only 7.5W. Additionally, it has no expensive replaceable filters unlike most air purifiers. It has a carbon filtration system and a UVGI technology, which can kill micro bacterial organisms of up to 0.1 microns.

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Oransi FinnAir Purifier

Oransi FinnAir Purifier is a specialized air purifier, designed for bedrooms with people suffering from asthma and allergic reactions. It is user-friendly and has a built-in nightlight. It garnered a top spot in a study concerning high-quality air purifiers.

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Febreeze FHT190W

Febreeze FHT190W performs three cleaning levels through its electronic filtering. You can also choose several scents, and it has a scent replacement reminder. Its optimal performance can clean a 170 square feet room.

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Holmes True HEPA Mini Tower

Holmes True HEPA Mini Tower comes in a space-saving tower design that fits in relatively narrow spaces. It also has a HEPA filter that traps dirt, dust, smoke and pet dander. You can adjust using its multiple speed settings.

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Envion Ionic Air Purifier

Envion Ionic Air Purifier is a silent, energy efficient air purifier that removes common allergens in the air. It contains a pre-filter, which you can wash after using the purifier. You can also opt for an ionizer if necessary.

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Hamilton Beach TrueAir

Hamilton Beach TrueAir has a high quality HEPA filter, which you can clean easily. This air purifier operates on multiple quiet speeds. Also, it can easily clean a relatively large room of up to 160 square feet.

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Honeywell HHT-011

Honeywell HHT-011 contains washable filters that can trap 99% of pet dander and mold spores in the air. Also, it comes with an ionizer for a significant boost in cleaning. Ideally, it can clean a room of up to 85 square feet.

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Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0

Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 performs several stages of purifying and deodorizing air using its adjustable ultra-quiet motor. As such, it can clean a 660 square feet of room.  Ideally, three years is its ascribed lifespan.

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How To Select Air Purifier For Pet Dander

Quality-tested air purifiers for pet dander are a worthwhile investment for good health. Pets don’t have to be inconvenienced just to keep allergies away from family members. Some of the key features below can aid you in purchasing a purifier.

Proximity coverage plays an important role. First, measure the room where you plan to put the air purifier in. Use this information and gauge whether the unit you plan to buy will cover the whole room you intend it for.

Filters also vary from one unit to another. Pet dander is minute entities and a good filter should purify the air thoroughly. This will make the air clean and free from microbes and potential allergy-activators.

Does your ideal air purifier for pet dander have a sealed system? Units with sealed system are known to keep the air inside the purifier. This will remain inside until it passes through the filters.

If you plan to keep the unit on for 24 hours, you should pick a trusted brand for durability. Since it will be turned on most of the time, energy-efficient units are a great deal for the long term.

The warranty should cover the unit for a convincing period of time. This can guarantee potential customers that the unit will last without imminent malfunctions or need for repairs or replacement.

Advantages of Having Air Purifier for Pet Dander

To relieve the indoors of pet dander.Dusting and sweeping are just not enough. The following are listed reasons why every pet owner should get a dependable air purifier for pet dander.

Air purifiers donot release any harmful chemical to the environment. These appliances are designed to clean the air without harming the surrounding plants or animals.

These appliances can also help family members who have cold or clogged sinuses. It relieves the air of any unwanted odor. This results to nothing but pure, clean air for breathing.

Along with keeping the air clean and its other purposes,this also helps preserve room decoration. It lessens the cleaning, housekeeping and maintenance necessary for the room.

Since air purifiers eliminate the unwanted odor emitted by pets, there is less need for home-fragrance sprays. Not only are they expensive but they can also contaminate food and appliances and damage furniture.

Some owners with allergic family members try to keep the animal out.This practice requires effort. Air purifiers for pet dander extinguish these frustrating habits.

How to Maintain your Air Purifier for Pet Dander

When proper maintenance habits are conducted properly, the results are beneficial financially and ergonomically. This lets the user get the most out of what he spent.

Remember to keep the area around the air purifier clean and tidy. It’s still an appliance that requires defense from dust bunnies and dirt. Also, keep obstructive materials away from the unit as it may decrease its performance.

Regularly check-up the unit’s filters. This may get clogged up and damage the unit permanently. There are units in the market that can detect the status of the filters through light and monitor displays.

Air purifiers, regardless of make and models need adequate space to function properly. Make sure nothing is clogging the vents and that the air purifier is not too close to the wall.

Clean or wash the pre-filters of your unit whenever necessary. The pre-filters protect the filters inside, therefore prolongs its service life. If washed, dry it thoroughly before putting it back into the unit.

Follow the manual if you think you have a unique unit. This is also recommended if your unit has a unique part that requires special maintenance procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are a list of questions associated with air purifier for pet dander. Truthful answers best suited for each question have also been provided.

How often do my unit’s filters need to be replaced?Different types of filters will last for different periods of time. Pre-filters commonly need to be changed after 4 months or so.

Most air purifiers for pet dander are made with HEPA filters. What does that mean?HEPA filters are ideal for thoroughly cleaning the air from almost all pollutants. This includes pollen and of course, annoying and allergic pet dander.

Will air purifiers for pet dander get rid of my allergies?Air purifiers only clean the air to make breathing more comfortable for people with or without asthma. This doesn’t cure any illness.

How do you know these appliances are actually effective?Take notice of how you feel after waking up on the couch where the pet shed its fur. The filters are also a good reference to see how much dirt is sifted.

Are these appliances loud?Innovation has introduced new models with relatively less noise than the first ones. Suggested models are those whisper and silent modes.

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