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Do you want to be a little comfortable the next time you sleep outdoors? An air mattress can be a great choice. But when you start looking for the best air mattress, you may be overwhelmed by the scores of options available.

So, how do you choose? The price, size, and material are the three most important factors to consider. A high-quality air mattress provides comfort that is as great as a real bed, whether used indoors or in the great outdoors.

Air Mattress Reviews

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

With itsComfortCoil Tech, SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress provides great back support during rest. It’s also got a patented 1-click internal pump which makes inflation and deflation convenient. Just give it 4 minutes and you’re set.

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SimplySleeper SS-83Q Queen Raised Air Bed

The SimplySleeper SS-83Q can support up to 500 lbs. and provides back support which matches that of a real bed—thanks to its Quad Chamber Technology. Its AC pump can inflate and deflate the bed within 3 minutes.

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Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed

The Intex Comfort Airbed provides hassle-free inflation and deflation—all it takes is 4 minutes. It also makes use of Dura-Beam technology which gives the bed an 18 inch boost off of the floor, making it extra comfortable.

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Serta Raised Air Mattress

This air mattress from Serta comes with 35 circular coils (for the queen-sized bed) formaximum comfort and support. Its Insta III AC pump makes inflation and deflation easy—you can have the bed ready in five minutes.

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Airtek Full Foundation Series Raised Air Mattress

With its memory foam top, this air mattress from Airtek is already at an advantage. It’s great for people who tend to suffer from back pains during rest.The firmness can be manually adjusted according to your personal preferences.

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Lazery Sleep Air Mattress

This air mattress from Lazery Sleep is for heavy duty use. It got 40 coils for maximum comfort and a waterproof top. Inflation and deflation takes around 4 minutes. There’s also an auto shutoff mechanism.

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Ivation Air Mattress (Queen)

This air mattress from Ivation will provide you with ease of use (indoors or outdoors). The AC powered pump can inflate and deflate it within 4 minutes.ItsFirmCoil air coils provide comfort and durability.

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Coleman SupportRest Double High Airbed

This airbed from Coleman was built with comfort in mind. It features the ComfortStrong Coil tech which provides sleepers with an even surface and less bulges. It also got raised edges, keeping your pillow where they should be.

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Insta-Bed Raised Luxury Support Air Mattress

This air mattress from Insta-Bed provides extra comfort and stability whilst ensuring durability with its welded sides. It comes with an air pump system capable of inflating and deflating the mattress in less than 5 minutes.

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Smart Air Beds BD-11 Platinum Raised Air Bed

The BD-11 from Smart Air Beds gives you a full 19-inch boost off of the ground. It also comes with a convenient remote, allowing you to properly adjust the bed’s firmness according to your needs.

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How to Select the Best Air Mattress

The best air mattress can be useful when you have guests at home or you’re out camping. With an air mattress, sleeping on the floor can be a less awkward experience.

The portable and versatile air mattress can turn any space into a guest bedroom without the space or cost needed with a conventional bed. Some tips to select the best air mattress include:

Size: If your air mattress is for camping purposes, ensure its dimensions will fit inside the tent’s floor space. If the air bed will be used at home, think what mattress size fits the area you may use it in.

If the room you’re considering is large enough, you may want to get the next larger-sized mattress than you normally would in a conventional mattress. The slick materials and inflatable design can make the mattress store easily.

Users: Consider the people who will use the air mattress. As they don’t need as much support, children may be given a thinner mattress. Adults may sleep better in a thick, comfortable, and raised mattress.

Location: For home use, you don’t need a mattress with thick materials as you would if you’re outdoors. For outdoor purposes, choose a mattress made with thicker material to prevent punctures causes by thorns or rocks.

Advantages of Having an Air Mattress

If you’re considering buying an air mattress, you may want to know the benefits of using and keeping it. You can use it as a temporary or permanent bed. Some of its advantages include:

Reduces Back Pain: When you put in more air to make it firm, the air mattress can help eliminate backaches. The mattress can offer better body contouring and pain relief.

Odor-Free: The bed is made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride). With such material, you won’t experience off-gassing and nasty odors. You can smell those PVC odors with a new memory foam mattress.

Rapid Inflation: You can inflate the air mattress to its full size within minutes, depending on the pump’s quality. A twin size can inflate in about 5 minutes, while a smaller camping mattress can be done in about 3 minutes.

No Sagging: Unlike conventional or memory foam mattresses after years of use, you won’t have to worry about sagging with air mattresses. You just inflate air into the bed; thus, you eliminate sag.

Custom Firmness: You can make the bed firm or soft as you need. If you want a firm mattress, add more air. Reduce air if you want a soft or plush surface.

Frequently Asked Questions about Air Mattresses

How are air mattresses filled up? Electric or manual pumps are used to inflate air mattresses. You don’t need to inflate the mattress by blowing into it. Attach the pump to the valve to inflate the mattress.

How to repair air mattresses? Listen for leaks, and find the hissing sound’s source. Holes can be fixed with air bed patches, which are widely available. Duct tape can also be used temporarily.

How often should air mattresses be inflated? Only inflate your mattress as you use it. You don’t have to inflate it all the time. If your mattress leaks, pump the mattress when needed the next time.

Why won’t air mattresses retain their shape? It is normal for air mattresses to have minor leaks. If your bed deflates while you sleep, check for ripped seams or holes. A loose cap can also be a cause for deflation.

How to take care of air mattresses? After deflating, roll your mattress back and store it in its bag or box. Keep it in a safe location away from water and extreme cold and heat. Also keep away sharp objects.

How to deflate air mattresses? There are pumps that can be used for both inflating and sucking air out. See if your pump can deflate your mattress. Such feature is especially useful when you’re out camping.

Tips to Use an Air Mattress

Most households now have air mattresses for themselves or for their guests. Thinner mattresses can also be used for camping. Some tips to use air mattresses include:

Stash the mattress in an accessible location. Make your mattress accessible, so you won’t be scrambling for it when you need it. Keep it in your car’s trunk or in an upstairs closet.

Use the air bed with a box spring. You can just plop your mattress down on the floor. However, getting up can be challenging. Set up your mattress on a box spring for added convenience.

Regularly re-inflate the air mattress. Mattresses tend to sag after using it a few days because of material stretch and normal air loss. If using the air bed for over 2 nights, pump air every few days.

Put sheets on the mattress. Most modern air mattresses feel velvety, and can add a level of sleeping comfort. To derive maximum comfort, however, add thick sheets on top of your mattress.

Get a topper for the mattress. While offering sufficient support, air mattresses can feel stiffer than conventional mattresses. Put a memory foam or featherbed topper to experience the comfort levels of a conventional mattress.

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