Best Tankless Water Heater

A tankless water heater is more energy- and cost-efficient because it only heats the amount of water you need at a specific time. Now, what are the features of the best tankless water heater?

Aside from a long warranty, it should have durable drain valves, efficient anti-scale devices, and easy-to-read digital displays to help you monitor your water levels and adjust the heating settings, as needed.

Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus 240V Tankless Water Heater

Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus is a highly advanced tankless water heater. It can produce water temperature within the range of 86-140 degree F. It features a knob to pick a certain output temperature, and an advanced flow control designed to produce hot water at the right temperature. read more

Best Reverse Osmosis System

While the reverse osmosis system is the safest way to remove unwanted particles in your water system, it takes time to complete the process. Thus, it is imperative to pick the best reverse osmosis system to make the wait worthwhile.

A good system needs clean, durable pre-filters and post-filters for the water to pass through. It should also have a high-grade RO membrane, plus reliable parts, including the cold water valve, shut-off valve, and a big enough storage tank.

Reverse Osmosis System Reviews

iSpring 5-Stage RCC7 Reverse Osmosis System

iSpring RCC7 is capable of rejecting 99% of more than a thousand pollutants in water. It eliminates impurities through its 5-stage filtration system, and features a European style faucet made of brushed nickel, and transparent housing to monitor the filtration with ease. read more

Best Gas Water Heater

Gas water heaters are popular because they are efficient and easy to use. Then again, not all heaters are the same. So what sets apart the best gas water heater from the rest?

Quality gas water heaters have high-grade components that allow the heater to perform for longer periods. The controls are also easy to use, and they do not use up a lot of energy to heat water.

Gas Water Heater Reviews

Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Natural Gas Water Heater

Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG can deliver up to 140,000 BTU input per hour and a max 6.6 GPM flow rate, making it ideal for small homes with one to two bathrooms. It has outlet and inlet thermistors and safety features like the flame sensor and overheat cutoff fuse. read more

Best Water Softener

Using hard water can prove disastrous for your water pipes and appliances. It is therefore important to invest in a good water softener to solve this problem. But what are the qualities of the best water softener?

A great water softener should be big enough to handle your household needs. The controls should be easy to operate, and the equipment should be able to perform an efficient cation exchange to remove the hard minerals in the water.

Water Softener Reviews

Fleck Structural 5600SXT Water Softener

Fleck 5600SXT boasts of a 48,000-grain capacity and 12 GPM water flow rate. It utilizes the standard ion exchange process in softening water, features a backlit LCD display and electronic controller, and is digital-metered. read more

Best Whole House Water Filter

An efficient water filter is necessary to ensure that the water you use in your home is safety to use. Here are some qualities that the best whole house water filter should have.

The filter system should have large filter housings that can stand strong pressures from water valves. A multi-gradient density filter offers assurance that most dirt particles are filtered out, and that water flowing into the house is safe for use.

Whole House Water Filter Reviews

Abundant Flow Water AI25 2510SXT Whole House Water Filter

AI25 2510SXT Whole House Water Filter uses its built-in air injection system to perform its intended function efficiently, including the removal of sulfur and iron. It features a patented piston design, supporting the air injection process in just one tank. read more

Best Pool Pumps

Pool pumps are the heart of any pool system. It circulates the water in the pool, carrying it through the chlorinator, heater, and filter. The best pool pump does this without breaking down under the strain.

Ideally, a pool pump should be quiet and energy efficient. It should also have a strong motor to make sure water is pumped properly.

By getting the best pump for your needs, you can enjoy your pool without algae and bacteria. It will also make sure your pool is evenly heated, and that chemicals are also evenly distributed. read more

Best Pressure Washer

It won’t be surprising if you love avoiding cleaning your home’s structure and exterior. This could be a taxing and time-consuming activity after all. However, when you equip yourself with the best pressure washer, the job becomes manageable.

An ideal pressure washer for home use should be portable, user-friendly and low-maintenance. Electric-powered are well-suited for typical suburban homes but for larges homes with wider yards, gas-powered ones are a better option.

With a pressure washer, you can clean plenty of things in and around your home that accumulate dirt. These include your home’s exterior sidings, pathway, driveway, patio, fences, vehicles and even trash cans. read more

Best Garment Steamers

One common concern travelers experience is wearing creased clothing. Donning a wrinkled dress or suit is not what you would want, especially if you are to impress an important person in a business or professional meeting.

At times like these, you wish for a handy hardware that could remove creases fast, easy, and efficient. A useful tool that saves you the extra cost for laundry services.

Technology provides the solution for travelers and home users through garment steamers. There are many steamers in the market to choose from, but you want the best for your use. read more

Best Snow Blowers

The accumulation of snow in ones driveway during the winter season is a problem that millions of people suffer every year. You should be prepared to equip your home with the best snow blower that you can find.

A machine’s engine power source and whether or not it has adjustable chute mechanisms are the key things one should look for when selecting a snow blower.

When you find these characteristics in a device, your snow clearing experience will be easier and faster. You will wish that it will be a snowy day so you can take your snow blower out of storage. read more

Best Electric Fireplaces

Are you looking for the most efficient way to battle the cold of winter? The best electric fireplaces today should be able to provide you with satisfactory heat without being too much on the budget.

The best electric fireplaces typically have temperature controls, a safety shut off system, and an excellent flame image that gives you that ‘real fireplace’ appeal.

There are several products in the market today, but getting the ‘best’ will definitely provide you with satisfaction along with intensely comfortable winters. read more